Ryback Deserves Another Main Event Shot

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIFebruary 6, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Ryback’s first main-event run hasn’t gone quite as planned.

After being built up into a top babyface for the first several months after his WWE debut, he quickly found himself challenging for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell.

But it was all downhill from there.

Once Ryback lost to CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, his momentum was completely killed, and he’s still yet to recover from it. But he shouldn’t be punished for the mistakes of someone else.

If anything, Ryback deserves another main event shot.

After all, it wasn’t Ryback who ruined his first run in the main-event scene. He did everything in his power to get over with the crowd, and he delivered the goods in all of the big matches he participated in.

It was, in actuality, the creative team that runed Ryback’s first run in the World title picture and absolutely demolished his momentum in the process.

Granted, creative was put in a very awkward situation when John Cena was forced out of the Hell in a Cell main event against Punk. But it didn’t have to continue that trend and put itself into even more situations that were going to be difficult to book.

That’s exactly what it did, though.

At Survivor Series, Ryback was—in another ill-advised booking decision—once again thrust into a WWE Championship match on PPV, this time in a Triple Threat match against Cena and Punk.  This was another horrible booking decision that caused Ryback to move to 0-2 in big matches.

Fast forward a month later to WWE TLC, and—surprise, surprise—the same exact thing happened.

Ryback was forced into a 6-man TLC match against The Shield that The Shield absolutely had to win for storyline purposes, which, of course, meant that Ryback had to lose again—which he did.

That was perhaps the most understandable loss of the bunch for Ryback, but the next one was pretty blind-blowing.

The WWE decided to finally give Ryback his postponed TLC Match for the WWE Championship on Raw’s 20th anniversary episode, and much to the surprise of no one, Ryback lost once again after interference from The Shield.

That loss dropped him to 0-4 in big matches, but it was the major loss that dropped him to 0-5 that truly made Ryback look human: Being eliminated from the Royal Rumble match by Cena.

Cena didn’t need to win that match, but for the fifth time in a four-month’s span, the WWE decided that it was going to make Ryback look bad one more time by losing yet another big match.

Blame Ryback all you want for his first main-event run failing, but it’s painfully obvious that the real culprit behind his fall from the top of the card is the creative team.

For some unknown reason, the creative team thought that it would be a brilliant idea to put Ryback in those terrible booking situations without worrying about the consequences. Now, the consequences have come back to bite creative in the butt because Ryback just isn’t the same man that he was prior to Hell in a Cell.

But how can anyone legitimately blame Ryback for that?

He did nothing wrong whatsoever. He got over with the crowd, he looked like a million bucks and he evolved into the top babyface that the WWE was so desperately looking for.

It’s certainly not his fault that his first main-event run flopped. Almost no one is going to have a successful run in the World title scene if all they do is lose.

Just ask Alberto Del Rio. He lost just about every big match he had in 2012, and as a result, he developed into one of the most boring and stalest characters in the WWE.

That wasn’t ADR’s fault. It was a direct result of him being booked like absolute crap by the creative team and then creative wondering why no one bought him as a main-event talent anymore.

It’s because all he did was choke in big matches, WWE. Outside of a guy like John Cena, you can’t just have someone lose and lose and lose, and then realistically expect them to sustain a main-event run.

Ryback couldn’t solidify himself as a main-eventer because the WWE wouldn’t let him do it, and he doesn’t deserve to be penalized for that.

Quite the contrary, my friends.

Once the WrestleMania dust settles and the WWE is no longer backed up into a booking corner, Ryback deserves another chance to show that he belongs in the main-event for the long haul.

It’s the least the WWE can do for booking the guy like crap for the last four months.


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