WWE Fantasy Booking: The Divas Division

Drake OzSenior Writer IIFebruary 8, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE clearly doesn’t care about the Divas division much nowadays, but if it’s going to stick around, then the creative team is going to have to at least put some effort into booking it.

That’s easier said than done, though, because the company has lost most of its top Divas over the last year or so, a list that includes Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Kharma, the Bella Twins and Eve Torres.

It’s certainly difficult to replace all that talent, and as we all know, the WWE has been left with a very weak Divas roster as a result of all those departures.

But it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom for the Divas division.

There are still a few Divas currently on the main roster that can help start rebuilding the division in 2013, and there are some ladies waiting in the wings in NXT to make an impact, too.

Here’s how I’d book the Divas division over the next several months to make it matter again.

Kaitlyn is the Divas champion and in desperate need of a new heel challenger, and who is the most pushed heel Diva—not named Vickie Guerrero—that’s currently an active wrestler?

AJ Lee, that’s who.

Now that AJ has aligned herself with Dolph Ziggler, she’s technically a heel. Although she hasn’t done an absurd amount of heel-like things as of yet, she’s certainly not the huge babyface that she was just a few months back.

The WWE has to capitalize on that.

Now that Eve Torres is gone, the company doesn’t have a Diva to push as the top heel wrestler in the division. Therefore, it’s imperative that the creative team stops using AJ as a manager/valet and starts using her as a wrestler.

After all, she has a lot of history with Divas champion Kaitlyn. The two were formerly known as “The Chickbusters” and have been linked with one another since their time on NXT in 2011.

In fact, it was AJ’s friendship with Kaitlyn that played a huge role in Daniel Bryan’s relationship storyline with AJ in early 2012, and it looked like that would result in a feud between a babyface Kaitlyn and a heel AJ.

That feud never materialized back then, but now, it can be reignited.

Kaitlyn is being pushed as the new face of the Divas division, but now that Eve is gone, she doesn’t have that archenemy she needs to be effective in that role. That’s where AJ comes in.

Although AJ is busy with her relationship with Ziggler, it won’t take anything major to reignite her rivalry with Kaitlyn. A simple in-ring segment, backstage skit or even a match that goes wrong will do.

The bottom line is that a Kaitlyn vs. AJ feud might be the only Divas rivalry that could truly matter in the near future because there’s genuine history between the two and an easy-to-book rivalry of “two friends turned enemies.”

A simple story to tell would be to have Kaitlyn successfully defend the Divas title against someone like Tamina Snuka at Elimination Chamber, and then have AJ immediately attack Kaitlyn afterward, making her intentions of winning the title perfectly clear in the process.

This would ignite the rivalry between Kaitlyn and AJ, which would culminate with a Divas Championship match between the two at WrestleMania 29.

At the biggest pay-per-view of the year, AJ would defeat Kaitlyn with the help of Big E Langston to win her first Divas Championship and take her rightful position as the face of the Divas division. Kaitlyn would obviously get a rematch after being screwed out of the title, but ultimately, the feud would end at Extreme Rules with AJ successfully retaining it.

For the next few months, you could have AJ turn back to any and all challengers—like Alicia Fox, Aksana and Layla—with absolute ease, which could be used as a way to bring up one of NXT’s top Divas to the main roster.

After AJ dominates the Divas division for much of the summer, she could—in CM Punk-like fashion—cut a promo on an episode of Raw in which she brags about defeating all challengers and needing “real competition".

That would lead to the debut of NXT Diva Paige, who is widely considered to be the top Diva in the WWE’s developmental territory. Though young (she’s just 20 years old), the WWE desperately needs new Divas on the roster, and bringing up a talented Diva like Paige certainly couldn’t hurt its roster-depth issues.

We all know that the WWE isn’t going to spend all sorts of time, money and effort on the Divas division, but a simple Kaitlyn vs. AJ feud followed by the debut of Paige would be extremely easy to execute.

The Divas hardly receive any reactions these days anyway, so with so much as a smidgen of effort put forth into the division, the fans might start to care about it just a little bit.

Kaitlyn and AJ are the two most over Divas (besides Vickie Guerrero) on the main roster, so they should be the ones who get the spotlight and continue to be the most pushed performers in the division.

If the WWE wants to at least try to make the Divas division more than the laughingstock of the company, all it needs to do is consistently feature the women on TV and put them in a decent feud when they are featured.

AJ vs. Kaitlyn could be that feud, but even it fails, so what? That’s still better than anything else we get from the Divas these days.


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