TUF17: Twitter Reacts to Uriah Hall's Scary Knockout

Steven Rondina@srondinaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2013

Twitter exploded over the scary knockout of Adam Cella by Uriah Hall. Photo c/o the UFC's Facebook page.
Twitter exploded over the scary knockout of Adam Cella by Uriah Hall. Photo c/o the UFC's Facebook page.

Today was a big day in the MMA world. Anthony Pettis will be fighting for the featherweight belt. Somebody tested positive for PEDs (no word on who quite yet). The UFC held a conference call for UFC 157. Bellator did the same with Randy Couture, Greg Jackson and Frank Shamrock.

What ended up making the biggest splash on Twitter, though, was the massively hyped uber-knockout on The Ultimate Fighter. From the very start of the season, one of the most thoroughly proliferated clips was Dana White discussing some sort of magical knockout.

Well, that magical knockout was tonight. Team Sonnen's Uriah Hall ended up landing a scary spinning hook kick that separated Team Jones' Adam Cella from his senses (and, possibly, his head from his neck). 

The Twitter reaction was huge and sudden. To keep you from having to wade through it all, though, here was the best of the best!

Dana White shed a bit more light on the aftermath of the lethal clip:

He was out for 4 mins! Got on the stool at 6 in the ambulance at 9!

— Dana White (@danawhite) February 6, 2013

Jon Jones, too, would discuss Cella's post-fight status:

Yes he was in good spirits and actually pretty hilarious on the way to the hospital“@j_squit: @jonnybones is he ok??”

— Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) February 6, 2013

Various fighters gave us their reactions (which were probably the same as what we thought):

That was sick!

— Chris Weidman (@ChrisWeidmanUFC) February 6, 2013

Holy Jesus!!!! @uriahhallmma !!!!

— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) February 6, 2013

Damn what a KO ! @urijahhallmma @tigerschulmanns

— Louis Gaudinot (@LouGaudinotUFC) February 6, 2013

Ho. Ly. Shit. @tufonfx

— Stipe Miocic (@smiocic) February 6, 2013

"@ttracyh: @abeltrujillo1 that knock out was hard to watch. #TUF #ufconfx" I kno right #vicious

— Abel Trujillo (@AbelTrujillo1) February 6, 2013

Of course, the MMA media chimed in:

On a list of crazy KOs I've ever seen (in ANY combat sport) Hall's KO is right near the top of the heap.

— Kevin Iole (@KevinI) February 6, 2013

And the Bleacher Report crew was no different. Duane Finley chimed in:

A knockout so brutal Hall feels bad about it. That's craziness but shows the character of Uriah Hall.

— Duane Finley (@DuaneFinleyMMA) February 6, 2013

Hunter Homistek had this to say:

The sound of Adam's head hitting the canvas...oof. #tuf

— Hunter Alek Homistek (@HunterAHomistek) February 6, 2013

The lovely and talented Damon Martin had high praise for Uriah Hall:

I think we should officially nickname @uriahhallmma "The Boogeyman" cause everyone is gonna be scared of him now. Damn #UFC

— Damon Martin (@DamonMartin) February 6, 2013

An amazing fight. Make sure to watch the replay. Or if you're on the West Coast...disregard all this stuff you just read, tune in and then come back.