WWE Social Media: Has the Twitter Hype Helped the Company?

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIFebruary 6, 2013

photo courtesy of onekontest.com
photo courtesy of onekontest.com

As we enter the digital age with people using social media in businesses and their personal life, WWE has taken advantage. Although there is a push for WWE fans to use the company’s self-made app, Twitter has also helped the company.

Now fans can be part of the show by making booking decisions and interacting with various WWE Superstars.

One may get frustrated with the amount of times Twitter and other social media platforms are mentioned on WWE TV. However, one should also be grateful for the opportunities these platforms provide the fans.

WWE had been pushing the new social media tool, TOUT, so much that one could argue it was overkill. Not only were we watching TOUT videos from WWE Superstars but fans as well. WWE was mentioning TOUT more often than John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus combined.

However, WWE has relaxed on the TOUT front and focused more on WWE Active and Twitter polls. Most episodes of Monday Night Raw feature a RawActive match, in which fans can vote on a Superstar’s opponent for the night. Although WWE is encouraging fans to use their app, it was Twitter that fans were using to vote.

The use of Twitter, WWE App and WWE.com allows fans to have a say in booking decisions for Monday Night Raw. This seems like it would be a dream come true for any diehard WWE fan. Obviously, WWE gives strict parameters though. WWE provides the situation, the choices and often times, the popular choice is obvious.

When The Miz was voted to the team with Kane and eventually landed on Team Foley, the other options were Zack Ryder and Santino Marella. Although Zack Ryder is a popular Superstar, the obvious choice was for The Miz to join Team Foley.

As long as WWE doesn’t rig the polls, which has been something they were accused of at times, Twitter and RawActive help the company give fans power.

Everyone loves power.

Twitter also allows fans to follow their favorite WWE Superstars and personalities. It gives fans the opportunity to communicate with their favorites and even criticize those they don’t like.

Think about how excited you get, or would get, when your favorite WWE Superstar wishes you a happy birthday over Twitter. I had this experience this past November with Shawn Michaels. I had met him just a month earlier and asked him for a happy birthday tweet. It really makes your day that much better and more special to receive a happy birthday tweet from someone you admire.

This would have never been possible without Twitter and social media.

Say what you want about the constant recaps, promotions of the WWE app and the Twitter handles you now see under each Superstar’s name. The bottom line here is that just a few years ago, these interactions and ability to be part of the show were not possible.

Imagine what Cyber Sunday and Taboo Tuesday would have been like with Twitter, TOUT and the WWE App.

WWE fans would have loved it. So before you start criticizing the way WWE uses social media think about how much it is helped you as a fan. Think about how much it is helped the company.




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