Boise State Football Recruiting: Prospects That Will Make the Biggest Impact

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2013

Now that Boise State is a consistent winner, the team has to continue to recruit that way. This year's class has a bunch of players that will help keep the squad on top.

The Broncos are no longer just a small school looking to get noticed by the national media. They are a team that expects to compete for a BCS bid every season.

While the recruiting class will never be as good as a school like Alabama or Florida, these players will make a big impact on the field over the next few years.

Note: All photos courtesy of 247 Sports.


Aaron Baltazar, RB

Boise State is starting a trend of productive running backs over the past couple of years from Doug Martin to D.J. Harper.

Aaron Baltazar could be one of next in line as he is arguably the best player in the entire class.

The running back has great agility and the vision to turn short runs into big gains. He also has solid hands out of the backfield, which is a bit of a requirement for Broncos backs.

With scholarship offers to Cincinnati, UCLA and Washington (where he previously committed) it is no secret that Baltazar has plenty of potential.


Tanner Vallejo, OLB

The Broncos added a few linebackers in this class, but Tanner Vallejo is likely the best of the bunch. 

Many list Vallejo as an outside linebacker, but he might be best suited in the middle of the defense. He has solid speed and the range to cover the entire field from sideline to sideline.

In addition, he has great instincts for the ball that simply cannot be taught. 

Do not be surprised if the young player eventually becomes a leader for the Boise State defense.


Mercy Maston, CB

Taking a player out of junior college is always a risk, but Mercy Maston seems like he will be able to contribute immediately.

The cornerback is solid in both man and zone coverage and has the speed necessary to make up for mistakes. He also has solid hands that will allow him to make a few game-changing interceptions.

A lot of talent in the secondary graduated last year, so Maston is someone that will be needed right away. With his skill and experience, that will not be a problem. 


Andrew Tercek, OG

It is hard to succeed in college football without a good offensive line. Fortunately, the team got an important piece of that with Andrew Tercek.

The Texas native is a versatile player that could end up playing either center or guard at the next level. Either way, he has good technique and should be able to step in and be a solid run blocker for this squad.

Tercek needs to put on some more weight before he can play for the Broncos, but a redshirt year and some time in a college strength program could make him one of the better linemen in the country.