WWE Main Event: A 10-in-1 Review (featuring Sheamus-Cody Rhodes)

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIFebruary 6, 2013

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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This is a review of the 2/6/13 edition of WWE Main Event from Jacksonville, Florida. It is ten thoughts, opinions or responses to the one-hour program. I am still looking for a format to review these shows. If this works, I may try 20-in-2 for SmackDown and 30-in-3 for RAW. Now on to WWE's C show.

10. We kick off with the man without a country, or at least without a tag team partner. Cody Rhodes may not have a tag team partner, but he has a best friend in Damien Sandow. And, more importantly, he still has a mustache. Cody Rhodes pulls the I’m not leaving until Booker T comes into the ring routine, but he gets Sheamus instead.

9. Sheamus tells Cody Rhodes to stand up and take his Brogue Kick like a man. And I have to admit that he’s probably right. Cody Rhodes would be better off staying in the chair that seats him.

I am a fan of Cody Rhodes, but I don’t see him catapulting to the main-event scene anytime soon. It seems to be crowded at the top right now, and, unfortunately, I think Cody Rhodes may be starting back at the bottom and working his way up.

8. Ah. This isn’t even about Cody Rhodes. This is about Sheamus doing impersonations. Booker T first, followed by Vickie, and lastly, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. In case you missed it, imagine the words “You’re fired” coming out of the mouth of Sheamus, pretty much in the voice of Sheamus, and you have the impersonation.

7. I’m thinking shut up and fight, and Cody Rhodes must have heard me because he takes the first shot at Sheamus. Sheamus, of course, overpowers Cody Rhodes, but Cody Rhodes catches a very smooth headlock takeover when Sheamus tries to lift him up and drop him.

The match starts out fast-paced but slows when Sheamus takes the lead. No news in the outcome. Sheamus gets White Noise, the Brogue Kick and the win. The match was a good one—a little better (or at least more back-and-forth) than last week’s Ryback-Cesaro encounter.

6. What are your thoughts on Cody Rhodes right now? On the breakup of his team with Damien Sandow? I understand we have to give it time, but I’m not sure if it was the right move, especially if Team Hell No breaks up.

I was predicting a win for Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow at the Royal Rumble, and after his success with the Intercontinental Title, it could have been a nice next step for Cody Rhodes. But again, I will wait to see if there is space in the singles' division for all these former tag team wrestlers (and possibly future-former tag team partners).

5. Speaking of possible future-former tag team wrestlers, I am happy to see that up next it will be the Best in the Business Daniel Bryan going one-one-one with Damien Sandow. It is looking like, at this point, if Kane makes Elimination Chamber, he and Daniel Bryan may cancel themselves out in that match, as they did in the Royal Rumble match.

The only question is, will that leave them facing one another at WrestleMania or breaking up at or after WrestleMania?

4. Bless Damien Sandow. He not only lets the WWE Universe know what they are for enjoying the impressions of Sheamus, but he defends Cody Rhodes’ right to be in Elimination Chamber. Who needs a tag team partner when you have a best friend like that? Wonderful. These heels are teaching babyfaces like Daniel Bryan and Kane how to be classy.

3. JBL says, “You know Clint Eastwood is a vegan. I wish I was out here with an empty chair.” Michael Cole mumbles a response, little more than you’d hear from an empty chair on that one. No! No! No! Kane comes down almost at the start of the match. It looks like this one may be cut short.

Yes, Kane makes fire come out of the ring posts, and somehow that distracts Daniel Bryan, but not Damien Sandow, who gets the quick and easy win. Daniel Bryan is not the good sport he expected Kane to be last week, and I again wonder what the timetable is on this breakup. Before WrestleMania, leading to a match or on or after WrestleMania?

2. For the WWE “Raw Rebound” we get footage of the Shield from Monday night. For those of you reading me for the first time, I am a big-time fan of Dean Ambrose (somewhere in my B/R backlog there is a pre-WWE column I did comparing him to everyone from Brian Pillman to Heath Ledger’s Joker). I am excited for the match at Elimination Chamber between the Shield and John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus. This is a match with a lot of guys with a lot to lose, which is what makes a big-time match compelling.

WWE has done well to keep the Shield out of official matches. It gives them that “something extra” when they actually get in the ring. Meanwhile, John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus will be going their own ways after Elimination Chamber. The only question is, will Ryback and Sheamus part ways with the Shield after Elimination Chamber, or will they continue on with them onto the grandest stage of them all?

1.  Tamina and Aksana versus the Funkadactyls. I almost developed a crush on Cameron, who can do wrestling holds and a split at the same time (which is kind of awesome), but I got to see so little of her or the other three, because WWE cameras thought I’d rather see Brodus Clay at the table with JBL.

Someone should explain that we can hear the announcers without seeing them. Holy God, Naomi gets the tag. Earlier she was called Kofi. I didn’t know it was because she had the athletic ability of Kofi Kingston. Cameron and Naomi get the decisive win, and I…I am a fan. It will be interesting to see if WWE develops these two ladies more out of this night, or if this was just a sideshow attraction for the WWE’s C show.


What are your thoughts on the show? Best match or segment? Any thoughts on where anybody from tonight’s WWE Main Event may be going next on the road to WrestleMania?

That is all for WWE Main Event and the 10-in-1. Feel free to become a fan on B/R or follow me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/shanecombs