The Future Of Wilson Ramos

DJ FlowContributor IApril 6, 2009

FORT MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 23: Wilson Ramos #76 of the Minnesota Twins poses during photo day at the Twins spring training complex on February 23, 2008 in Fort Myers, Florida. (Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

Hot catching prospect Wilson Ramos hasn't whiffed the air above Hi-A Fort Myers, but many scouts within the Twins's organization feel he can be an excellent catcher at one point in his career.

Rated as the No. 71 top prospect by Baseball America, the young slugger had a batting average of .288, with 13 home runs (in the pitcher friendly fields of the Florida State League), and had a startling 40.2 throwing out player percentage in his major league career.

It looks like Ramos may be able to acclimate to the majors after this year, if need be.

But seeing as we already have a superstar behind the plate in Joe Mauer, what should the Twins do?

Scenario 1:  I think the most likely scenario heading into Spring Training next year, is that a battle will ensue with catchers Joe Mauer, Jose Morales, Drew Butera, and Wilson Ramos. At this point, it seems imminent that releasing seasoned veteran Mike Redmond is in the plan, for it would offer both a set of fresh legs and the cheaper price tag of a half-million dollars.

As the eternal optimist, I feel young Ramos will pull through with his bat, and settle into a position as the backup, so he can get some playing time here and there.

Scenario 2: The Twins are fortunate enough to sign Joe Mauer to a long-term deal, and thus Ramos can become a nice bargaining chip in terms of bringing some hardcore talent.

Scenario 3:  The Twins are unable to sign Mauer and are either forced to allow him to leave via free agency or trade. Either way, the Twins are forced to cope with the loss of a force behind the plate, which would call for Ramos to be ready to go in his place.

Whichever scenario ends up, having more than enough promising talent behind the plate is very beneficial in many ways. No matter how much I love Joe Mauer, it's nice to know that in the chance we're unable to retain him, we have a good backup plan in the wings.