Colorado State Football Program Signs Aurora Shooting Victim Zack Golditch

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIIFebruary 7, 2013

Photo Credit: Karl Gehring, Denver Post
Photo Credit: Karl Gehring, Denver Post

The Colorado State football program may not have garnered a lot of attention on national signing day, but Aurora shooting victim Zack Golditch continued his stunning story of recovery when he maintained his commitment to the Rams on Wednesday. 

Denver's NBC broke down Golditch's story in a report by Aaron Matas. The outlet also provided a wonderful video feature on the young player.

Golditch was one of the victims in the tragic Aurora theater shooting on July 20, 2012. He was shot in the neck and easily could have been paralyzed or killed, but he managed to survive and get to this point—preparing to play Division I football for the Rams.

The aforementioned report included some reflective words from the young offensive tackle prospect from Gateway High School:

I might have not been able to play football again, but now that it's passed and I am able to I don't really think about it. I'm grateful for it and everything coming together, it's awesome and it's truly incredible.

Astonishingly, Golditch didn't miss a single game in his senior season after the traumatic event in Aurora. He barely even missed a workout, according to Matas.

Raised in Colorado, Golditch gets to live out his dream of playing college football in his home state. His high school coach, Justin Hoffman, notes that the circumstances that nearly took Golditch's life have not changed him at all as a person.

The following quote by Golditch's mother, Christine Welch-Golditch, in the Aurora Sentinel highlights the characteristics that have so many singing the young man's praises:

He said "just because I have a gunshot wound, doesn’t mean I can’t go to practice" [...]. That’s just the way Zack is, he wanted to show others that there’s no reason they shouldn’t come to practice.

For the Rams, Golditch projects as an offensive lineman, but he can also play defensive line. The fact that he is still able to play in general is remarkable, and this is one of the most inspiring stories of national signing day.