WWE Fans Secretly Want Jeff Hardy Back in the Company

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IFebruary 7, 2013

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

An interesting thing happened today. A little bit of truth was allowed to spill out from the internet wrestling community.

For a lot of fans, when Jeff Hardy left WWE in 2009, the natural instinct was to disregard him. Doing that made it easier for some to accept that there was a big loss taking place.

His drug issues, which was a taboo topic while he was still a top level guy in WWE, was finally brought up by some as a way to discredit his value to the business. Others tried to reason that he no longer wanted to be a part of the business (which was probably true at the time).

Animosity towards Jeff Hardy grew when he made an appearance on the first live episode of TNA iMPACT! Many felt betrayed that he would go work "for the other company."

Jeff Hardy hasn't exactly set the wrestling world on fire with his stint in TNA, but he's been an asset to the business side of things. Despite how many feel about him, he still has a much larger fan base than the majority of the performers.

There was a little buzz not too long ago when the internet wrestling community found out that his contract with TNA was expiring soon. However, that died down a bit when word broke that he was negotiating with Dixie Carter on both a return to the company and on other outside projects.

The buzz returned this week. WWE.com highlighted the alumni profile of Jeff Hardy on the front page, and the internet wrestling community started talking.

While being highlighted on the official WWE website doesn't always lead to something, it doesn't stop the chatter from taking place. The tone towards Jeff Hardy has definitely changed some overnight due to this.

Jeff Hardy still has name value, so it would be foolish to completely rule out a return to WWE. The company could simply be gauging the audience by using their website before entering serious negotiations with the Charismatic Enigma. 

WWE claims that they don't listen to the internet wrestling community, but smart bet is that they're monitoring the overall tone. If they've done that today, then they know that their fan base secretly wants Jeff Hardy back.


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