WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: The Case for Daniel Bryan to Win the Chamber Match

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 8, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE will do itself a favor should it decide to have Daniel Bryan emerge the winner of the No. 1 contender's match at Elimination Chamber 2013.

Six men will enter the Chamber on Feb. 17 in New Orleans, Bryan being one of them.

There's a case to be made for each entrant to win and go on to face the World Heavyweight champ at WrestleMania 29. Bryan, though, offers the most intriguing match-up options as well as the highest level of wrestling ability out of all of his opponents.

Regardless of who is world champ at WrestleMania, Bryan will make his match with him a fantastic show.


Instant Chemistry, Just Add Bryan

Bryan has already shown the ability to work well with just about every kind of wrestler.

When he went against Batista on Raw, he extracted an impressive amount of drama out of that five-minute match. At Extreme Rules, he gave Sheamus the best match on his resume. Bryan's match at Over the Limit with CM Punk is certainly one of Punk's best.

No matter their size or style, Bryan brings out a wrestler's best work.

Should Big Show win the World Heavyweight title back, he and Bryan can draw from their old rivalry.

Bryan won his first and only world title by taking advantage of the giant while he was out cold. Their big man vs. little man dynamic makes for a compelling contrast.

If Alberto Del Rio retains his championship belt, he and Bryan give fans a fresh pairing that puts two skilled performers together.

This matchup would also offer WWE a chance to tweak Bryan's character.

With Del Rio a heroic character now and Bryan "cured" of his anger-management issues by Dr. Shelby, something would have to give in order for these two faces to engage in a feud. Before Bryan's current version of his character gets stale, this match creates an opportunity to have Bryan's persona shift.

The next phase of Daniel Bryan could begin.


WrestleMania Moment Revisited

As exciting as WrestleMania 28 was, it didn't give anyone a shot at seeing what Bryan can do.

WWE fans have seen a total of 18 seconds of Bryan wrestling at WrestleMania. A win at Elimination Chamber rewards Bryan for taking the squash loss last year. It rewards fans by having the company's best technician perform under the glow of WrestleMania lights.

WrestleMania 29's headlines will be about the big stars, part-time or otherwise.

The Rock, John Cena and Brock Lesnar can have their names on the marquee. A Bryan WrestleMania match gives purist fans something to salivate about.

The other Elimination Chamber combatants are all worthy of a title shot, but Bryan's blend of comedy and wrestling acumen sets him apart. He’s still over with the crowd and has won a Chamber match just last year.

Bryan offers a bridge to the next generation of stars.

WWE needs to slide guys like Bryan into higher spots to eventually replace Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and Kane

WWE would be wise to build its future while it borrows from its past. Bryan helps them do that, one kick to the chest at a time.