Former WWE Star Slams the Company for Its Treatment of Tensai

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 7, 2013

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Matt "Tensai" Bloom has fallen far over the past year.

Yes, the man who was once huge as a monster killer heel in New Japan has now become a comedy lower-card act in WWE. The truly embarrassing segment on Raw two weeks ago, when Tensai participated in a dance off with Brodus Clay while clad in lingerie, served as the exclamation point for his demise.

Pretty embarrassing, huh? Hard to believe that less than a year ago this same guy got a victory over John Cena on Raw.

Well, at least one person in the wrestling industry has spoken about Tensai's bizarre new character direction. 

In an interview with PWTorch on Wednesday night, former WWE wrestler Gene Snisky (Snitzky during his stint) slammed the company for its treatment of Tensai, trashing the star's new comedy role and calling it "insulting."

Talking to Pat McNeill, Snitsky vented:

Look at my friend Tensai. They're turning him and his character into a joke. They have coming out there and doing this goofy s--- now...When he first started, he was killing everyone. Before you know it, now he's doing lingerie segments on Raw. I'm like, "C'mon." It's insulting to me as a fan, it's insulting to my intelligence—a guy who's 6'8" and 350 pounds and can probably squash 90 percent of the guys on the roster—and they have him go out and do that. It's just my opinion.

Snitsky, who worked for WWE between 2004 and 2008, also noted that Tensai's current gimmick was one reason he would be reluctant to return to the company, claiming the WWE simply didn't know how to use certain wrestlers.

Of course, it's worth pointing out that Tensai himself has defended his current humor-based character on Twitter. Maybe the star feels that doing comedy is better than doing nothing and waiting to be released.

He may have a point. But certainly, it's difficult to disagree with Snitsky when he says his friend is being wasted.