WWE Friday Night SmackDown: 20-in-2 Review (featuring Mark Henry-Randy Orton)

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIFebruary 8, 2013

The Shanetime Fix
The Shanetime Fix

Welcome to the Shanetime Fix (StF) 20-in-2 review and conversation, revolving around the 2/8/2013 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, featuring Mark Henry versus Randy Orton.

20. Big Show kicks off Friday Night SmackDown. Another angry promo from the big man. I’m not really happy with Alberto Del Rio as Heavyweight Champion or with Big Show as challenger, but I’m even less happy with this Big Show/Booker T angle. Could it be that WWE is moving toward a Big Show/Booker T match at WrestleMania?


19. Enough with vague wonderings. Booker T announces Big Show will face a man who lost on Raw on Monday, a man who wants to impress Booker T in order to get into the Elimination Chamber match, the Big Red Monster, Kane.

If you saw WWE Main Event or read my 10-in-1 review, you know that Kane cost Daniel Bryan on the show, and it is looking like Daniel Bryan and Kane will be in the Elimination Chamber together, possibly canceling one another out like they did at the Royal Rumble.

Many wonder how long they will be together as tag champions. I’d like to see a one-on-one match between them at WrestleMania, winner takes both belts. Finally we would know who truly is the tag team champions.


18. We get a one-on-one match between Kofi Kingston and Mr. Mustache Cody Rhodes. I love the old-school split-screen interview on SmackDown. We get one with taped Cody Rhodes. I love the extended friendship between Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow as well. I recently said to somebody that just because a team breaks up doesn't mean they should automatically feud or act as if they never met. These heels are teaching the whole WWE Universe something about true friendship, for however long it lasts.



17. Kofi Kingston may be struggling in the win-loss brackets, but he is still getting it done in the ring. A short, high-impact, back-and-forth match, but Mr. Mustache is clever and knows when to stop and when to go and when to grab the ropes and break the momentum. Cody Rhodes gets a big win.


16. One thing you will learn if you join the conversation: I love JBL on commentary. He brings the common sense. Josh Mathews says Team Hell No should break up, and JBL states what anyone with a brain might also be thinking: “Break up? They are the tag team champions!”

Also, Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the back, and I should mention that I still love, love, love them together. Daniel Bryan is always selling a BS pitch (this time being that he should be in Kane’s corner), but the Big Red Monster shuts him down, telling him to stay away.


15. Another video package of Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon. Anyone else feel like this happened at least a month ago? Brock Lesnar is a beast, though, and I am happy to see him back, especially with Paul Heyman. I wouldn’t mind if he never speaks again. Just bring the pain, big boy; that is what they pay you for.


14. Bruno Sammartino package. Hats off to Triple H for making this happen. I would be very excited to see a Bruno Sammartino WWE DVD. As a guy who started watching in 1991 and whose knowledge goes no further than Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Harley Race, etc., it would be great to see new light brought to older footage. This is the man who holds the longest WWE title reign, and I am happy to see the deal brokered for the Hall of Fame.


13. Josh Mathews: “Here comes a future WWE Hall of Famer [referring to Khali]." JBL asks, “Who is going into the Hall of Fame? Hornswoggle? Who is going in with Bruno Sammartino? You’ve lost your freakin’ mind.”

At this point, I think Josh Mathews is just trolling for reactions, but I’m still glad JBL doesn’t disappoint. After the commercial, JBL is still giving Josh hell, as the Great Khali faces off with Titus O’Neil. Booker T is watching Khali because while Cody Rhodes is not eligible for Elimination Chamber, Khali is. After Khali’s win, JBL says, “Hall of Fame match!” (Ha!)



12. Mark Henry is down to the ring, raising hell. I’m loving this Mark Henry return. Mark Henry, like Vader in his prime, is a man who I am legit afraid of. So much presence. After a bit of resistance from Khali, he takes the World’s Strongest Slam from the World’s Strongest Man.


11. On the mic, after the break, Mark Henry lets us know Booker T made a mistake overlooking him for Elimination Chamber (“How you overlook the World’s Strongest Man?"). Hell of a question. If he doesn’t get a response, Mark Henry says he will destroy the whole SmackDown roster, and I…I happen to believe him.

Booker T caves to the threats, and Mark Henry will face the Viper, Randy Orton. Usually that would be a tall mountain, but recently many guys have been able to go over Randy Orton. I am very intrigued to see this match.


10. Even though I’m not too excited about Big Show-ADR, I like the cat-and-mouse game between them. I like the hotel incident, and now ADR looks to be sneaking around Big Show’s bus. Meanwhile, Big Show has his match with Kane.

At the start of the match, Kane throws some of the weakest slaps I’ve seen in some time. I love Kane, but come on, don’t get sloppy, bro. Big Show seems to be in his pocket at this time in his career. He is getting it done in the ring—leg locks and a spear, and he is maintaining a spot high on the card. For Kane’s part, he has a sick DDT that I do not get tired of seeing, and he uses it here.


9. Wow. Big Show wins with a knockout punch. I did not expect that. I expected to see ADR appear on the screen (which he has done after the match), and Kane get the count-out win (so that Kane would look good for Booker). Instead, ADR invites Big Show outside the arena after the match. Big Show arrives at his bus and—wait for it—his tires are gone. “How is this even possible?” cries the monster. Big Show gets slimed as well.



8. In case you forgot, Jack Swagger is back. He is facing Justin Gabriel and in a split screen, he gives us some information on what a real American is. Apparently, a real American doesn’t sit home, says Jack Swagger, who has been on a five-month hiatus. Some impressive offense, I must admit, and Jack Swagger wins early with The Patriot Act.


7. 3MB faces off with Tensai, but I was watching Shark Tank on another channel, and I missed it altogether. True story.


6. Sin Cara is in action. I couldn’t care less about this guy. I don’t know what the future holds, but I have yet to see a reason to care. It is an entirely different conversation when we talk about his opponent, Antonio Cesaro. This guy has as much potential as anyone in the WWE. A good match. Good offense from Sin Cara, but after he propels himself into an upper cut from Antonio Cesaro, this one is over.


5. Randy Orton, in the back, says he will put Mark Henry back on the shelf. It looks like more clips from Raw are next. Maybe I will go back to Shark Tank.


4. WWE Elimination Chamber song, “We are the Crazy Ones." Kind of diggin’ the hook. Might check that out after the show.


3. Miz is complaining about what happened to him on Raw, which brings Antonio Cesaro to mock him, which causes Miz to attack. I’m still not comfortable with babyface Miz; it sort of reminds me of when Jeff Jarrett was trying to take Ric Flair’s spot in the Horsemen. That didn’t go over well, either.


2. I have a foreboding feeling for Randy Orton as he waits for Mark Henry to happen to him. Not that Randy Orton can’t hold his own, but Mark Henry is back and like I said, he scares me.



1. Randy Orton uses his speed to avoid Mark Henry early (not a bad move). The problem with big men is eventually they catch you. As Dusty Rhodes might say, Mark Henry begins clubbing Randy Orton. And if he hits the World’s Strongest Slam, he may make Randy Orton’s back crack, his knees freeze and his liver quiver (ode to Dusty).

JBL adds, “It’s like being hit with a tree limb” when Mark Henry hauls off on Randy Orton. I don’t know who Randy Orton has offended, but he loses again, fairly easily. An almost squash.

Very impressive for the big man, but I worry about Randy Orton. I think he deserves better. There has to be a heel turn waiting in 2013 for the former Viper. SmackDown closes with Mark Henry continuing to threaten. He is going to the Chamber, folks.


Join the conversation. Who are you talking about after SmackDown? For me, it has to be Team Hell No and the transitioning Mark Henry. Be sure to become a fan of the Shanetime Fix here on B/R and follow me on Twitter @ShaneCombs