Josh Pastner Accepts Job at Memphis: Is It a Good Hire?

Phillip Contributor IApril 7, 2009

31 Mar 1997:   Players Josh Pastner, John Ash and Jason Lee (L-R) of the Arizona Wildcats cheer on teammates during the NCAA Championship game against the Kentucky Wildcats at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Arizona won the game 84 - 79. Mandatory

Josh Pastner has agreed to succeed John Calipari as head coach of the University of Memphis basketball team. A press conference is scheduled for noon CST today.

The current vibe among the Memphis faithful on B/R is positive. Usually, fans tend to stay positive initially and that opinion changes for better or worse based upon results.

There are exceptions, such as Kentucky's reaction to the Billy Gillespie hire.

I think Memphis fans had a reality check as several prominent head coaches from BCS schools used Memphis' interest to renegotiate their current contracts.

Was the Memphis job a desired position?  Was athletic director R.C. Johnson's claim of his phone ringing off the hook a diversion tactic?

The majority of Memphis' fans and supporters don't expect the new hire to continue winning at the same rate. However, I'm sure interested coaches must have felt the pressure of following a very successful coach.

Finally, did Memphis make the right hire in the opinion of the B/R contributors both inside and outside of Memphis?