WWE Has Already Ruined Jack Swagger and His Return

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IFebruary 10, 2013

Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger

We're only a couple of chapters into it, but Jack Swagger's return to the WWE has already been ruined.

Some may argue that it's much too soon to judge since the former World Heavyweight Champion made his return to television not too long ago. However, if you study the pattern and the formula, it's easier to see the path that this push is going.

Thus far, the WWE creative department has stuck to the formula and given Jack Swagger some fabricated momentum with minor victories. While that's enough to fool the casual viewer, it doesn't really mean much to people who follow the industry a little closer.

He's beaten Kofi Kingston, a highly talented guy who deserves a shot at the top level but unfortunately isn't anywhere near that. He's also beaten a comedic character in Santino Marella and a bit player in Justin Gabriel, a talented but underutilized performer.

Some may cite excuses such as "being on television is a push," "he's getting victories" or "WWE doesn't push guys fast." However, if we take a look at the other return that's currently going on, we'll see exactly what the creative department is capable of when they're instructed to really build someone up.

Mark Henry made his return to television recently. He had been off the road for quite a few months to tend to some injuries, and he was brought back with a heap of momentum.

He destroyed Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio all in one segment. That surprising moment was enough to get the internet wrestling community buzzing a little.

It doesn't mean much to beat the Great Khali, but Mark Henry was made to look especially strong by being allowed to pick him up and slam him down into the mat. The World's Strongest Man was also given a clean victory over top-level star and former world champion Randy Orton.

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is coming up next weekend. Mark Henry has already "earned" a spot on the show, while Jack Swagger remains a long shot to be booked.

An underrated performer, Jack Swagger deserves another shot at a top-level push. What the WWE has given him so far, though, cannot exactly be viewed as a success.


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