WWE's Lack of Diva Focus Will Spell Disaster for Kaitlyn

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 11, 2013

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Thanks to WWE focusing on everything non-Diva, Kaitlyn's Divas title reign has been forgettable, a situation that doesn't look like it will improve.

The brawny Houstonian Kaitlyn speared Eve Torres on the 20th anniversary of Raw to win that butterfly-emblazoned title in front of her hometown crowd. Any momentum she had has since been deflated, thanks to insufficient time to tell her story.

The WWE app saw more time on the Feb. 4 episode of Raw than Kaitlyn.

Fans aren't expecting to see a Divas Iron Man match on the flagship show, but the complete lack of attention has stifled Kaitlyn before she can begin.

WWE's choice to go with a Tamina and Kaitlyn feud has been wise, but the execution has been less than desirable so far.

This rivalry is a chance to make Kaitlyn look heroic and resilient against a strong challenger. It's a chance to put two of the division's best in-ring performers together.

Instead, Kaitlyn and Tamina's Raw Roulette match was made into an uncomfortable mess.

The feathered headdresses were way too prominent. They turned a potentially entertaining match into something silly. This match came off as an excuse to strip off the other divas' clothes.

Why is WWE so in love with themed lumberjill matches anyway?

It didn't help that Michael Cole dismissed this match instead of trying to sell fans on it. He said at one point, sarcasm dripping off his voice, "This is thrilling. This is better than the dance-off."

With Elimination Chamber approaching quickly, WWE has yet to announce a match for Kaitlyn.

One can assume if there is a Divas match it will be Kaitlyn and Tamina, but it would happen without the benefit of any buildup. WWE has less than a week to hype that potential match.

Kaitlyn is likely to see more of this kind of treatment, and it shouldn't come as a surprise. It's been the WWE way in recent years when it comes to women.

Eve's title reign saw her being given the smallest sliver of the programming pie. When she had a match on Raw, it often went for only a few minutes.

When Layla was champion, she fought against The Bella Twins in a match that lasted less than most yawns.

On Dec. 10, Eve defeated Alicia in two-and-a-half minutes. The following week Kaitlyn pinned Eve in a non-title match in a smidge over two minutes.

The current champ is likely to suffer the same fate.

The Divas division is down to just 10 women. A good number of those ladies are usually busy standing in a man's corner.

Kaitlyn has a lot to offer WWE fans if the company chooses to feature her more.

She's funny, one of the strongest women in WWE history and mighty attractive on top of that. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem that WWE is going to make the time to display those traits to the WWE Universe.

Like Eve, Layla and Beth Phoenix before her, Kaitlyn is going to be given sporadic opportunities. She's going to have to maximize every second of those chances as they'll be scarce.