TNA's Jesse Sorensen: Could've, Should've and Will Be X-Division Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 12, 2013

February 12, 2012

Orlando, Florida

TNA Against All Odds

Exactly one year ago, young and up-coming professional wrestler, Jesse Sorensen, would have his career, and his lifestyle, placed on hold.

In a match to determine a new number one contender for then X-Division Champion Austin Aries, TNA pitted two of their newest and youngest stars against each other; Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion.

It was in this match where Jesse Sorensen would suffer a near career, and near life, ending injury. In a high risk move, Zema Ion moonsaulted off of the middle turnbuckle and onto Sorensen who stood outside the ring below.

The knees of Ion would crash into the skull of Sorensen and send the young Texan falling helplessly to the floor. A powerless Sorensen would lie physically unable to answer the referee's count of 10. 

Zema Ion had become number one contender, but the bigger story coming from this match was Jesse Sorensen. It would later be revealed that the Texas native suffered a C-1 vertebrae fracture, which doctors estimated to take a year-long recovery process.

Up until that frightful February night, everything was actually going well in the young career of Jesse Sorensen.

In the summer of 2011, TNA held an X-Division Showcase Tournament in order to find the next great X-Division competitor.

Despite losing in his qualifying match, Sorensen did enough to impress TNA officials and earn himself a contract with the organization. An X-Division renaissance was under way with the signings of competitors such like Austin Aries (the winner of said tournament), Jesse Sorensen, Zema Ion, Kid Kash, and Tony Nese.

Of those five wrestlers listed, Jesse Sorensen would be featured on television almost as frequently as the tournament winner, Austin Aries. Meanwhile, guys like Zema Ion and Tony Nese would only appear on TV once a month, if lucky.

TNA saw something in Jesse Sorensen and immediately placed him into a rivalry with wrestling veteran, Kid Kash. The two would go back and forth ever since Sorensen's first official match under his new TNA contract.

Sorensen had many chances at X-Division gold, but all of the opportunities were stolen from him as jealous X-Division competitors would cost Jesse his first taste of gold. Despite the shortcomings, a Texas-tough Jesse Sorensen would stand up, brush himself off, and continue to chase his dream.

It was pretty evident that Jesse Sorensen would have been the guy to dethrone the reigning champ, Austin Aries. After all, Sorensen did hold one clean victory over the champ, while the champ had to rely on outside interference to defeat this challenger.

Then, before the fairytale-like ending could occur and Sorensen could become X-Division Champion, the tragedy known as Against All Odds struck.

Sorensen's injury would cause the excitement of the X-Division to simmer. As many fans would tweet #GetWellJesse, the X-Division would fall back into the same slump that it was in before the Showcase Tournament even took place.

X-Division wrestlers left TNA, and others suffered from injuries. The champ himself became bigger than the division and vacated the title, which caused for another tournament in July 2012.

Zema Ion, the man who had injured Sorensen just months prior, would emerge victorious in the X-Division Tournament of 2012 and be crowned new X-Division Champion. To make himself even more despised, Zema Ion would dedicate his victory to Jesse Sorensen.

The inevitable feud between Ion and Sorensen became a time bomb that many fans are eagerly waiting to explode.

It was reported that Jesse Sorensen had been cleared by doctors to return to the ring on November 6, but, as of February 12, 2013, he has yet to be seen in front of TNA cameras or inside a TNA ring once again.

Doctors predicted one year, Sorensen recovered in about 10 months. 

One year ago, the unlimited potential of Jesse Sorensen seemed to be put to a halt. One year later, Sorensen is just waiting for that moment to return, and when the time comes for Jesse's return, I think he'll pick up right where he left off -- the X-Division Championship hunt.

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