Who Would Win a Philadelphia 76ers-Only Slam Dunk Contest?

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIFebruary 12, 2013

Does anybody know if it’s possible for the NBA to hold a Philadelphia 76ers-only slam dunk contest? Well, that certainly seems like a stretch, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t conduct our own imaginary one. That only leaves one question, though.

What Sixer would end up winning the Philadelphia-only dunk contest?

The 2013 NBA All-Star Game is on its way meaning that all of the fun and memorable activities are surely coming too. Those activities include the three-point contest, skills challenge and the most controversial and widely discussed: the slam dunk contest.

We have to look at the important Philly players if we want to have a full understanding of the contestants and what they bring to the table.

Here’s a look at who would win a Philadelphia 76ers-only slam dunk contest.


Andrew Bynum

It’s probably safe to say that Philly fans would feel more comfortable about Andrew Bynum bowling than attempting any kind of tricky dunk.

Then again, maybe it would be a relief to see Bynum touch the basketball court at all?

A healthy Bynum still has no chance of winning this competition. His best dunks would come from alley-oops, but nothing too spectacular in the world of dunking. He’s an athletic player—especially for a big man—but he has no business winning any competition with the term “slam dunk.”

Result: Watching the competition from the luxury of his knee rehabilitation treatment


Kwame Brown

Kwame Brown has an unbelievable amount of dunking potential and is a favorite to be selected as the No. 1 dunker in the competition.

That sounds eerily similar to what people were saying about his potential to be a game-changer during the NBA draft. That should help to prove that my first statement about him being a favorite to win is a ridiculous and outlandish one.

You could probably find Brown somewhere around Section B, Row 12 and Seat 14 eating his popcorn and watching the contest.

Result: In Section B, Row 12 and Seat 14 thinking about how he was once considered as the next best thing


Spencer Hawes

I know we’re all separated by a computer and everything, but I’m pretty sure that I could hear your chuckle through your electronic device when Spencer Hawes was mentioned.

Hawes has no business being a contestant in the dunk contest, but he would make a pretty entertaining judge.

Result: Holding cue cards with numbers on them giving scores to the contestants


Lavoy Allen

Lavoy Allen is a relatively quick and agile power forward by NBA standards, but he lacks a necessary ingredient for dunking.

The ability to jump.

Almost all of Allen’s shots around the rim seem to be layups, and it’s rare to see him rise up on somebody and dunk on them. Don’t expect Allen to get any score higher than 30 out of 50.

Result: Out in the first round, a one-handed tomahawk might be the best this guy has to offer


Damien Wilkins

If you think that Damien Wilkins’ age prevents him from being a high-flyer, then you should either change your answer or watch a video of some of his dunk highlights on YouTube.

The 33-year-old might look like he’s 43 years old, but the man has taken some classes at flight school over the years.

He’s not going to win any competition now, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Wilkins pull out a nice dunk in this one.

Result: First-round exit


Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday is no stranger to dunking, but he’s really not a big-time dunker. The majority of his dunks are in the open court, and if he ever dunks on somebody, then it’s rare to find him really elevating to get there.

Holiday is scary quick with electrifying moves, but he doesn’t possess the ability to rise up and throw down with much flair.

You could expect the crowd to go nuts for Holiday because he’s a fan favorite, but there won’t be much basis for the loud noise.

Result: First-round exit


Evan Turner

Evan Turner has the size, but lacks the athletic ability to battle for the top spot in Philadelphia’s slam dunk competition.

Don’t expect anything special out of Turner in this one.

Really, nothing special.

Result: First-round exit


Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson is a two-time slam dunk contest winner, so it would lead most to believe that he could be a favorite in Philly’s competition. He’s won twice and has demonstrated that he’s capable of putting together a good show. What’s the only problem?

He doesn’t have the same bounce that he used to have.

Of course he currently has a knee injury, but he still lost some of what he once was. His hang time and leaping ability was among the best in the league, but something about aging keeps people closer to earth, even when they feel like they're taking off.

There’s a chance of him making the second round, but it’s a low one at that.

Result: Close first-round defeat


Thaddeus Young

Here is where the real battle starts.

If this competition took place in 2010, then I would have to go with Thaddeus Young on this one. He was at the peak of his athletic potential and ready to challenge most players to a dunk-off.

Now, Young’s fate comes down to his creativity. If he comes up with a dunk that nobody has done before (pretty much impossible) or some kind of gimmick dunk (definitely possible), then he has a chance.

Unfortunately for Young, it’s not a big chance.

Result: Tight second-round defeat


Nick Young

Anybody that has been watching highlights of some of this year’s best dunks has seen one of Nick Young’s on there.

Young put the Milwaukee BucksLarry Sanders on a poster this season and it was about as nasty as it gets.

Similarly to Thaddeus Young, Nick Young would have to get creative to win this one. The final dunk would have to be more special than the other’s dunk.

In this scenario, Nick would outperform Thaddeus by the slightest of margins to pull out the first Philadelphia 76ers-only slam dunk contest.

Result: Winner winner, chicken dinner 


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