Seattle's Abundance in Cap Space Could Spell Big Things and More NFC West News

Tyson LanglandNFC West Lead WriterFebruary 11, 2013

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A once aging roster under Mike Holmgren and Jim Mora Jr. has quickly turned into an energetic, youthful roster under general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll. During the first two years of this regime's tenure, they have spent a good amount of time shuffling the roster and expending dead weight along the way.

Long gone are the days of bloated contracts rewarded to over-the-hill veterans. Schneider and Carroll both stand firm on rewarding young, consistent talent with contracts that are heavily front-loaded. Front-loaded contracts are the best bet, as players receive all of their guaranteed money up front, which in turn makes them easy to cut if they become a liability three or four years into their deal.

This change of thought and philosophy has allowed the Seahawks to get on top of its previous salary-cap deficiency by $13 million as they enter into the offseason. Moreover, Seattle couldn't have picked a better time to find themselves with salary-cap freedom.

The past two drafts under the new CBA has given them the opportunity to become one of the most talent-rich rosters while spending minimal amounts of money doing it. With such an abundance in cap space and minimal internal re-signings to be had, do the the 'Hawks spend big in free agency? Or do they sit on the excess and wait for next year, when guys like Richard Sherman and Golden Tate may be looking for new deals?

That's the biggest question right now, but logically it's safe to say the draft will play another huge role this offseason and free-agent activity will be minimal. An overabundance of talent is always a good thing to have, even if it means not having enough money to extend everyone on the roster.

In situations like those, you have to trust that Schneider and Carroll make the right decision on who stays and who goes.



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