Blake Griffin Travels Back in Time for 2 More Hilarious Kia Commercials

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 11, 2013

Blake Griffin continues bumping around in his Kia, going back in time to when he was an awkward and geeky kid. 

If only I had a Kia to set things right, I might fare better in what was a marathon session of NBA Jam in '93. 

Anyhoo, Cosby Sweaters spotted two new commercials that should have basketball fans entertained for a few moments. They are just like the classic Kia commercials featuring the Clippers star time-traveling to the days of old, but now with more Blake Griffin. 

Here are the two ads featuring Griffin's face superimposed on his past self, for a bizarre and uneasy effect that has me feeling the same way as when the NBA star goes to the free-throw line. 

After watching the Bench Press commercial, I will now have racing gloves tucked away in my own car at all times. 

This sunscreen one was definitely the weirder of the two, which is saying a lot. Just power through the incessant squirting of lotion for a worthwhile punchline. 

Of course, we would all love to hop into a Kia—OK, maybe a DeLorean—and travel back in time. Oh, the things I would tell my former self. 

I could tell him to skip the Seinfeld series finale and forego that invite to watch Donnie Darko. I might even offer a hint that perhaps getting a step haircut isn't the coolest thing in the world. 

I would, of course, remain silent on Zubaz pants, because that life lesson really shaped who I am today. 


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