2013 Westminster Dog Show: Breeds to Watch on Final Day of Event

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2013

Portuguese Water Dogs (Photo courtesy of Westminster Kennel Club Official Website)
Portuguese Water Dogs (Photo courtesy of Westminster Kennel Club Official Website)

The 137th annual Westminster Dog Show will be drawing to a close tonight.

While it may not be the biggest night of the sporting year, the Westminster Show is always good for entertainment. Who doesn't like to watching dogs for hours on end? The Puppy Bowl is the only other occasion capable of providing this kind of captivating spectacle.

Unlike the Puppy Bowl, though, there are actually real stakes here. Last year it was Malachy the Pekingese who was able to take home the title of Best in Show.

The winner will be announced later tonight. Here are three particular breeds you should be rooting for.


Sporting: Weimaraner

It was, of course, a Weimaraner that was the underachieving breed in the hilarious dog show mockumentary Best in Show. It's time the Weimaraner put itself in the spotlight for the right reasons.

According to the Westminster Kennel Club's website, the Weimaraner has a very rich history, being "bred in Germany by the noblemen of the Court of Weimar to be personal hunting companions." That's quite the lineage.

As excellent hunting dogs, it's a wonder the Weimaraner hasn't been able to sniff out a way to earn Best in Show.


Working: Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is one of the most powerful breeds in America right now. No other breed is able to call the White House home. President Barack Obama famously alluded to buying his daughters a new dog in his first speech as president-elect. After what was surely a rigorous vetting process, that dog became Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog.

Judges at the show might be wise to select the breed as Best in Show, for they wouldn't want to experience the wrath of the United States government.


Terrier: Russell Terrier

Expectations for the Russell Terrier are slightly lessened. Making its debut this year at the Westminster Dog Show, the Russell Terrier hasn't had to deal with the bright lights and pressure that the Madison Square Garden will heap upon it.

It would be a monumental upset to have a first-time breed take home the title of Best in Show. Witnessing the Russell Terrier win would be the equivalent of Andrew Luck taking the Indianapolis Colts all the way to the Super Bowl.

While this might not be the year for the Russell Terrier, a good performance this year would be pivotal in positioning the breed for success in the future.