WWE: Defending the Miz from the Internet Wrestling Community

Jack WindhamAnalyst IFebruary 11, 2013


Hate for The Miz from the internet wrestling community has been known to fluctuate. After what happened this week, the meter has been going a bit crazy.

For those of you who aren't aware, there was a little incident at one of the live events that WWE promotes this week. CM Punk suffered an injury (per PWInsider.com) during a tag team match because The Miz botched a suplex attempt.

Since the Straight Edge Superstar is universally beloved by the internet wrestling community, that brought a lot of heat towards The Miz. It's made some even question why the former reality television show star still has a job with WWE.

There's quite a few reasons why WWE keeps The Miz around.

First and foremost, he's great for public relations—an aspect that many fans are unable to grasp. Vince McMahon loves guys he can send out to events knowing they will represent the company well.

John Cena has his spot in the company because he's a great representative for WWE with the media. Sheamus was elevated to that spot because he showed that he can do the same thing. Miz is another guy who belongs in that circle because he comes off as very likable to the media.

Secondly, Miz has grown to become one of the best performers in the company. His ring skills are up to par with what WWE wants and very few guys in the company are as gifted of a talker as he is.

Miz is actually one of the most underrated stars in the company. It's just hard for certain people in the internet wrestling community to see that when they're clouded by emotions.

Last and certainly not least, the incident between Miz and CM Punk was an accident. There's no legitimate heat between the two guys and WWE management is smart enough to know that there was no malicious intent involved here.

Not only does Miz still deserve his spot in WWE, he also deserves a push.


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