Stingers Captain Mallory Lawton Leaves Behind Legacy of Leadership

Mark StaffieriContributor IIFebruary 14, 2013

Photo by Mark Staffieri
Photo by Mark Staffieri

With one game remaining in her Canadian Interuniversity Sport career, Concordia Stingers captain Mallory Lawton is already pondering her future:

“I have applied to Master's Degree programs in Newfoundland and Ottawa. Furthering my education is the most important aspect,” Lawton said.

The temptation of one more year of ice hockey is strong. With many of the stars in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League hoping to compete at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, the opportunity to qualify for a CWHL roster is very good.

“Another year of hockey is another option. I would like to try out for the Montreal Stars. It is a good turnover year.”

Two members of the Montreal Stars have had a great impact on the Stingers. Stars team founder Lisa-Marie Breton also serves as a strength and conditioning coach for various athletic teams at Concordia, male and female.

“They have all influenced me in different aspects. Liz is a great fitness coach. Without her, I would not have survived five years. She was able to bring me to my full potential. She is tough in the right ways. She has done so much for women’s hockey, I cannot even begin.”

Caroline Ouellette, a member of the first Clarkson Cup championship team in 2009 (with the Stars) is also a three-time Winter Games gold medalist.

“Caro is another great role model. She came through the system and that is something that you want in a mentor,” said Lawton.

Her father is the legendary Les Lawton, the first coach in North America to have won 500 games at the women’s hockey level. In playing for her father at Concordia, she acknowledges some of the pressures that came along with the prestigious family ties.

“There was definitely pressure. Having him as a father made me a target. Many people would think, ‘She is just playing because of him.’ I had to prove myself.”

In her final season with the Stingers, Lawton was selected as team captain.

“To an outsider, being selected as captain may be seen as favoritism. I earned it through hard work. I definitely think that it was difficult playing for him, but it was rewarding. I was able to really develop under his guidance,” Lawson admitted.

Her final game with the Stingers will be on February 16, 2013 against the crosstown rival McGill Martlets.

“It will be hard to keep my emotions in check. From a personal point of view, I feel like a Stinger since I was born. I dreamed of being a Stinger.”

“I want to do my best (in the game) and make the most of it. I will give it a strong shot. To come away with a win against McGill would be the perfect way to end my career.”

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”