Beanpot 2013 Results: Score and Recap for Boston College vs. Northeastern

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2013

Photo Credit: Charles Krupa/Associated Press
Photo Credit: Charles Krupa/Associated Press

It wasn't easy for the storied Boston College Eagles hockey team to pull off an accomplishment that the program had never seen before. 

They did just that on Monday night as the Eagles took down Northeastern, 6-3, to win their fourth straight Beanpot final. This was the 61st edition of the famous tournament.  

This game got off to a slow start as the first period rolled to a close with the score locked at zero. 

However, the reality was that this game was not as close as the score indicated. Boston College was controlling the pace and the action—they just didn't have anything to show for it. 

While that was certainly a good sign for the Eagles, they needed to start putting up some points to show for it before Northeastern was able to steal momentum. 

Boston College finally capitalized on their dominant play. With just over four minutes gone in the second period, the Eagles had added two goals. 

The first came from Bill Arnold, who took advantage of some sloppy defense while netting a one-timer.

Next it was Johnny Gaudreau's turn. The talented Eagles scorer netted a goal to give the Eagles a 2-0 lead. 

Despite being thoroughly outplayed and trailing, 2-0, Northeastern would not be outdone. Kevin Roy, whose hat trick helped Northeastern reach the finals, scored his team's first goal with just under five minutes to go in the second period. 

The goal inspired hope from the Northeastern side—hope that Boston College almost instantly crushed. The Eagles added two more goals for a 4-1 lead before the second period was over. 

It was around this time that this fan felt compelled to unleash a hopeful tweet: 

He should know better than to count out these resilient Huskies! It would have been understandable for the Huskies to pack it in after the terrible end to the second. 

They did anything but; by the 15-minute mark of the final period, Northeastern had cut the lead to one with two quick goals. 

This set the stage for a thrilling finish. The action went back and forth with no scoring until there was just over five minutes left. 

That is when Gaudreau came to the Eagles' rescue once again with another goal. Finally, that was the goal to which Northeastern had no answer. 

The Eagles netted one more for good measure before the clock expired to seal the victory, and capture their fourth straight Beanpot title.