Mark Henry: He Should Form a Dream Team with Big Show Since They're Both Heels

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2013

After laying waste to The Great Khali Monday, Mark Henry makes Hornswoggle the latest inductee into his 'Hall of Pain.' ( photo)
After laying waste to The Great Khali Monday, Mark Henry makes Hornswoggle the latest inductee into his 'Hall of Pain.' ( photo)

The Big Show and Mark Henry are two of the biggest and most aggressive heels in pro wrestling today.

The storylines for both men have them each waging their own wars of destruction through WWE.

Since returning from a nine-month injury hiatus, Henry has decimated anything and anyone in his path. It does not matter how big (The Great Khali) or small (Hornswoggle) the obstacle is. Henry has been WWE’s wrecking ball, adding members to his "Hall of Pain" roster.

Meanwhile, Big Show is tearing through WWE talent like a man possessed. Ever since Alberto Del Rio beat him in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship and then embarrassed him repeatedly, Show has been blowing through the WWE roster like a bald-headed hurricane.

The body count grew by three after Monday night’s Raw episode, when Show decked two wrestlers backstage and then knocked out Matt Striker in the ring prior to their scheduled interview. He then took the microphone but was so filled with rage toward Del Rio that he could not speak.

We’re seeing a parallel between these two wrestlers that has the possibility to build into quite a storyline following next weekend’s Elimination Chamber.

What would happen if Big Show and Mark Henry—two foes who battled over the WHC title back in 2011—were to join forces and carve a combined path of destruction through WWE? They could wind up making The Shield’s trek for justice look like a Sunday School picnic.

Imagine this scenario: On the post-EC Raw show, Big Show comes out and laments about losing to Del Rio the night before. Henry’s music hits, and the World’s Strongest Man lumbers down the ramp and into the ring. Everyone is expecting a colossal showdown between these two behemoths.

But instead of clashing, Henry tells Show that he feels his pain. Somehow, someone screwed Henry out of his rightful shot at the World title in the Chamber match. At some point, either Henry or Show suggests they pool their talents and take out their vengeance together.

It may not work out quite that way, however. WWE’s tag team division seems to have lost the steam it built up last year.

Team Hell No, also known as Kane and Daniel Bryan, look to be more focused on their singles careers than defending their Tag Team Championship titles. Team Rhodes Scholars has dissolved, and no other team—not even The Shield, it now appears—seems to be getting any strong pushes anymore.

So if Show and Henry do join forces, it is likely to be more of a sideshow than a legitimate title contender.

But we still have several more weeks to go before WrestleMania 29. That could be enough time to build something along the lines of a tag team threat.

Since Kane and Bryan seem to be at the end of their team storyline and since both will participate in the Chamber match at EC, that could be the point where they wind up going at each other, and the titles become vacated. That could be the opening WWE’s Creative Team would need to put Show and Henry together as a “SuperStorm” tag team.

But no matter how they would be put together, it appears inevitable that the parallels between Henry’s and Show’s storylines will merge…especially if Vince McMahon has anything to say about it. We all know how McMahon loves to push behemoth wrestlers.

So a union of Henry and Show might not be everyone’s ideal Dream Team. But they would be Vince McMahon’s Dream Team, and that is what matters most, right?

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