Madden 13: Key Changes We'd Love to See in Connected Careers Next Season

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2013

Photo Credit: EA Sports
Photo Credit: EA Sports

Madden 13's Connected Careers mode was a progressive change from the old Franchise mode, and while it made online play more interesting, it could use some tweaking before Madden 14 comes out this summer.

Connected Careers lead designer Josh Looman agrees, and he recently came out with his top 10 ideas for changes that he's looking to integrate into the game (h/t

For hardcore Madden gamers, I highly recommend you check out Looman's Twitter page. He's a veritable treasure trove of Madden knowledge, and you can't go wrong following him for ideas, advice and interaction. 

With Looman's ideas as a starting point, let's delve into some key changes that would make Connected Careers all the better in next year's installment. 


More Breakout Players

In the real world, the NFL gives birth to multiple breakout stars every season—players nobody thought would amount to anything before the season began. 

This past season alone, Green Bay Packers cornerback Casey Hayward, Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris and Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton all burst on to the scene and played like savvy veterans.

And there were many other players that broke out, as well.

But when playing in connected careers, most players seem to progress at much the same pace, leaving little room for breakout players. It's something that needs to be tweaked, and Looman will likely be looking into such a change.


Penalty for Player Progression If Player Is Playing Out of Scheme

This is a brilliant idea. 

One of the cool things the Madden franchise put into Madden 13 was that players were tabbed by scheme. The only problem is that the players weren't docked for playing out of scheme. 

Kind of takes the fun out of the whole scheme thing, eh?

It makes perfect sense for players to progress slower, or even not progress at all, if they're playing in a scheme that doesn't fit their skill set. 

And most importantly, it would force players to actually think long and hard about signing free agents before pulling the trigger, making the experience of running a team much more realistic. 


Late-Round Picks Have Legit Chance To Become Stars

This idea is all mine.

One of my pet peeves with the Madden franchise is that the draft usually feels like a complete waste of my efforts after the second round. 

It's always been much easier to just trade draft picks for players, since hardly any players drafted in the latter rounds end up becoming stars. Sure, you can choose to put all your resources into one player and boost his stock, but it's not a natural process.

If the game featured an algorithm that caused random late-round picks to become stars, a la Tom Brady, Alfred Morris, etc., the draft process would be much more realistic and fun. 

Make it happen, Madden!

Please let us know of any ideas you have to improve Connected Careers for Madden 14 in the comments section below.


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