WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: A Weird Step Up for Tensai

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2013


It all started when rumors were flying around about the return of Matt Bloom, formerly known as Prince Albert, Albert and A-Train. While it wasn't necessarily top headline news, many in the WWE Universe did wonder how he would fit in with the current flow of the product.

Then—we saw the vignettes. Not of any of the aforementioned gimmicks, but of a new (and improved, I guess) menacing gimmick of Bloom now covered in Hakushi-like Japanese script. As the anticipation of his debut drew near, and more vignettes were shown, a big push seemed to be underway.

And that is exactly what happened.

After debuting, WWE Creative fed the likes of Alex Riley, Yoshi Tatsu and R-Truth, among others, to Tensai on his way to seemingly the main event scene. Shortly after, Tensai even defeated both John Cena and CM Punk, surprisingly.

However, Tensai's stock eventually plummeted.

Some attribute it to his video of mocking Japanese drivers. Some attribute it to his ominous "Albert" chants. Whatever the case may be, Tensai was no longer relevant on Raw or SmackDown for quite some time (unless he was being fed to Randy Orton, the Big Show and John Cena, or losing to Tyson Kidd, Kofi Kingston and others).

After months of sheer irrelevance, Tensai was scheduled to face Brodus Clay in a Lingerie Match on the 'Raw Roulette' edition of Raw. Somehow, Tensai didn't get the memo of the match being changed to a dance off, and came to the ring donned in atrocious lingerie. He danced off with Brodus Clay, but surprisingly received cheers during this segment.

An extremely odd face turn and partnership with Brodus Clay later, he now is of some significance again. Yes it is odd and sometimes hard to look at, but at least he is getting some airtime and winning matches.

I suppose the bright side of this duo is that Tensai is playing the new version of Rikishi—serious during the match, and play time comes after the business is taken care of in the ring.

Team Rhodes Scholars is definitely going to be fed to Brodus Clay and Tensai on the Elimination Chamber pre-show. Whether this team goes into WrestleMania in tact or Tensai turns on Brodus beforehand we shall see.

Regardless of either option, finally Tensai is doing something productive with his over-hyped debut.

What are your thoughts of Tensai's current gimmick? Comment, civilly, below.

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