Bleacher Report College Hoops Weekly Pick 'Em: Final Standings

Ryan BrennanSenior Analyst IApril 8, 2009

This is it. The moment you've all been waiting for. The results of the last week of college hoops pick 'em.

Thank you to everyone who participated this season. It's been a lot of fun and it wouldn't have been successful without you!

Overall Standings

Andrew Kahn—148
Ryan Brennan—141
Shaun Hart—128
Tyler Brennan—109
Samuel Silverman—107
Travis Miller—101
Mosang Miles—90
Nathan B—82
Ari Kramer—73
Alexander Jesswein—59
Jameson Fleming—55
Travis Hitson—51
Chris Robles—49
Richard DeLancey—44
Kristofer Green—40
Ryan Callahan—35
Jonathan Braus—21
Jonny Solovy—12
Nate M—9


Results of Week 20

Andrew Kahn—9
Ryan Brennan—7
Shaun Hart—7
Travis Miller—6
Tyler Brennan—2


Winning Weeks

In case you're wondering, here are the number of weeks that everyone was in the top spot:

Andrew Kahn—6
Ryan Brennan—5
Travis Miller—4
Shaun Hart—3
Ari Kramer—3
Alexander Jesswein—2
Samuel Silverman—2
Mosang Miles—2
Nathan B—2
Tyler Brennan—2
Jameson Fleming—1
Kristofer Green—1
Ryan Callahan—1
Travis Hitson—1


Thanks again everyone for such a great season! See you next year!