Team Hell No Will Not Last in 2013

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2013

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The WWE tag team champions Kane and Daniel Bryan are nearing the end of their alliance, and they may not last past the weekend, much less until the end of 2013.

Team Hell No has been like a windshield with a crack running up the glass—one that will only grow bigger, spreading and spreading until the glass shatters.

Tension between them has been building. Jealousy is brewing.

Eventually Bryan and Kane's personal goals will overshadow their team goals.

Both men could be world title contenders. Both men could be at the top of the WWE food chain. This is likely the angle WWE will use to split up Team Hell No.

Kane and Bryan both will compete in the Elimination Chamber on Sunday with a World Heavyweight title shot on the line. As tense as things have been between them lately, they're not likely to survive the strain of competing against each other.

On the Feb. 8 SmackDown, Kane appeared to be devoid of any more patience with Bryan.

As Kane neared his partner, he looked a lot more likely to strangle him than to hug it out. The Big Red Monster has largely been tamed by Dr. Shelby's anger management treatment, but a beast still grumbles beneath the surface.

How long can one hope to pacify a monster anyway?

It's been entertaining seeing Kane in more of a comedy role, but it makes sense that he'd eventually revert back to his sadistic ways. You can't escape your true self.

Here is a man who set Jim Ross on fire, put his brother into a vegetative state and kidnapped Lita. One day he will tire of dealing with Bryan and chokeslam his partner amidst a ring of rising flames.

Most teams break up anyway, even if it's just temporarily.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been mortal enemies as long as they've been best buds. Edge and Christian have gone from partners to opponents and back. One day, The Rock was bashing in Mick Foley's head with a chair over and over again, and the next, Foley was reintroducing The Rock to his gym teacher.

Few WWE allegiances last, and Team Hell No's bond has always been tenuous.

More often than not, their matches have included Bryan and Kane shouting at each other. If one didn't speak English, one might think that "What are you doing?" and "Where were you?" were Team Hell No's battle cries.

It's sad to think that they'll split up soon. Team Hell No's antics were one of 2012's highlights.

How long could WWE possibly drag out their odd couple relationship, though? All narratives eventually curve downward.

Having Kane and Bryan become a completely functional team would have sucked all the fun out of their relationship. Discord between them, compelling as it is, has to lead to them disbanding.

Some lucky team is going to get to pick up the scraps when Kane and Bryan's relationship blows to bits.

WWE's tag team division is going to suffer without Team Hell No, but fans knew that this marriage wasn't going to work out in the long run.