Iron Sheik: IOC Dumb Jabroni for Take the Wrestling out of Olympics

Iron SheikSpecial Guest ColumnistFebruary 13, 2013

In somewhat shocking news, the International Olympic Committee announced on Tuesday that the sport of wrestling will likely be removed from the 2020 Summer Games. According to Reuters, the sport can reapply for inclusion, but it will have to do so against the likes of baseball, softball, sport climbing, wakeboarding, karate and wushu.

You may already have seen it at TMZ, but the Iron Sheik is not happy about anyone slighting his sport. And he has reason to be so invested in the decision: Per wrestling legend, he represented his home country of Iran at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

He made his frustration clear Wednesday in a conversation with Bleacher Report. The text has been cleaned up for publication.


Sheikie Baby in a bad mood.

Sheikie the legend angry they remove wrestling from the Olympics. It is bad because since first Olympics in the Greece 1000 1000 years ago, now all of sudden they cancel it.

Why they don't recognize as real sport? What is more real sport than the Greco-Roman wrestling? I live my life in the mat, and it break my heart for next generation for them not to be learning the art of the freestyle wrestling.

The IOC dumb jabroni. They say that the walking is more sport. They don't have the b---- to see how hard the sport of the wrestling is.

The Iron Sheik come from Iran where I went to Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling. #1 sport in Iran, wrestling most important. I was young, and still in the Iran, two toughest sport is the soccer and the wrestling. Oldest country in the world come from the Iran.

Now I am from the America. I don't know the reaction of the Iranian people, but I imagine that the people be very sad because the wrestling is in the blood and in most people all over the world. Why they cancel the sport? In America and all over the world, they learn in the school.

To represent Iran in the Olympics feel great...excellent...same as the AAU All-American. It was the best...beautiful. Make me proud to be athlete on the world-class level. Every hundred year, mother make baby like Iron Sheik, Michael Jordan and the Jesus. Only one chance to prove you are the real in a lifetime. I make it and I make country proud to represent for my country and myself.

Nothing I can do about this other than if I see the IOC, I break their neck, make them humble. This my job to respect the #1 sport for all the people in the world.

The Kurt Angle, he know like Iron Sheik that most respect and discipline people come from the wrestling background...not the jabroni walking or the jabroni javelin.

I see IOC people who cancel the wrestling, I challenge them to real sport match of wrestling in the Madison Square Garden or the Cow Palace, and I break their neck, beat the hell out of them till they cry worse than Tiger Woods' wife. They deserve to respect the sport, because oldest sport in the world.

You need to learn man-and-man grapple is first sport ever. Now they want to ---- with this and make the stupid sport badminton a sport.

They are not Iron Sheik class. They are Ultimate Warrior class.


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