What Does the Future Hold for Bo Dallas?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

Let us recall the days in the wrestling business when good generally triumphed over evil. When no matter how bad the bay guy was, the hero would swoop in and put down any threat.

Concerning the young talent that WWE has been debuting lately, it seemed as if that idea was a thing of the past.

The trend of late has been to bring in talents from NXT who automatically establish themselves as heels. With superstars like the Antonio Cesaro, Big E. Langston and the members of The Shield, the company is now replete with up-and-coming “bad guy” talent.

Conspicuous by its absence, the company had yet to bring in a rising talent to combat all things evil.

Enter Bo Dallas.

With his impressive debut at the Royal Rumble, where he eliminated Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett, Dallas automatically established a foothold on the talent roster, though an unstable one at that point.

However, after a shocking victory over Barrett the next night on Raw, Dallas looked poised to do big things.

His momentum was halted slightly by Barrett after a vicious attack shortly thereafter, but Dallas repaid the favor this week on Raw with an attack of his own.

Barrett keeps calling Dallas a “dumb kid,” but the young superstar seems to be anything but.

The son of five-time WWF tag team champion I.R.S., and the grandson of three-time WWWF United States champion Blackjack Mulligan, Dallas brings a wrestling pedigree that is second to none. His brother, Husky Harris, competed on the inaugural season of NXT and was a member of the Nexus. He now wrestles under the name Bray Wyatt and is one of the top talents in NXT.

At a mere 22 years of age, he already has several years of professional wrestling experience under his belt, and his talent grows exponentially with every appearance.

With three FCW Heavyweight titles and two tag team title reigns (with his brother) to his credit, Dallas is no stranger to being at the top of a talent ladder. He now finds himself on the bottom of one, with Barrett being a huge stepping stone.

It stands to reason that the company would not put him into a program with a titleholder unless they believed in his ability. Whether or not they actually book him to win said title is debatable.

Yes, Harris has an incredibly bright future ahead of him, but he might not yet be at that level.

Putting a prestigious title on a relative newcomer would not be out of the realm of possibility either. Let us not forget that Santino Marella won that same title in his debut match on WWE television.

But Barrett is the perfect opponent for the burgeoning superstar. He is brash, brutal and still a young man himself. Barrett is likely a future world champion, so this feud is simply a stepping stone for him as well.

Does Dallas have what it takes to get to Barrett’s level? Time will tell.

Has he already proven that he belongs on the main roster? Barrett doesn’t seem to think so, but most fans would disagree with him.