Kate Upton Ends Justin Verlander Dating Rumors with Possible Offseason Break Up

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2013

Photo Credit: LA Times
Photo Credit: LA Times

It seems the man who we thought had everything is, in fact, not dating famed supermodel Kate Upton, according to a very specific Kate Upton. 

The model who just went back-to-back in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers was being interviewed recently when she said that she was very much single. 

Easy, fellas. Don't all head out the door all at once. 

It's Always Sunny in Detroit spotted a report from FOX 2 in Detroit which centered around the recently released Swimsuit Issue. 

Jason Carr dives right into a question with the gusto of a fat kid about to jump into a pool. He wants to know if Upton is indeed going to marry Tigers ace Justin Verlander, or if they were finally going to go public. 

I mean, let's go you two. 

Instead, Kate Upton gives him a very icy, "Actually, I’m single right now.  So, um, I spent my holiday in Melbourne, Florida."

You can see the video at the FOX 2 website

Things were a tad awkward, so we give thanks to Sports Illustrated Senior Editor MJ Day, who shouted out, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

The interesting part in all this is Upton and Verlander were hit with incessant rumors of them dating, but never really confirmed they were true. 

Upton's cool stare may have been the model's frustration with the constant rumors that never seem to die, or it could be the death stare of someone who just suffered a horrible romantic breakup. 

For those uninitiated, the two were thought to have been dating since last summer when Upton was hanging out in a Tigers suite. 

Rumors really heated up when the NY Post reported in January that the model and pitcher were enjoying a New Year's holiday at the Ritz-Carlton on St. Thomas. 

Maybe that was false, or perhaps it was the final tryst of a secret love affair. The only thing we can say with certainty is Verlander is no longer the man that has everything.

Unless you are counting his repertoire of pitches, then yes. He still does.

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