Rob Gronkowski Will Work Red Carpet at Oscars, No Word on If He Will Be Shirtless

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 15, 2013

The biggest night for the film industry will feature the greatest party boy the NFL has to offer. Yes, Rob Gronkowski is working the red carpet at the Oscars.

Shame on you for not just assuming this was going to happen in the first place. reports the Patriots' star tight end will indeed be on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on February 24, because sometimes life really is perfect:

The New England Patriots tight end has been tapped to serve as a red carpet correspondent for the NFL Network’s “The Eisen Podcast,” which will have him rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s biggest stars during the town’s biggest night.

The highlights will air Thursday, Feb. 28 at 8:30 p.m. on the NFL Network.

I love me some Oscars but really can't stand taking in the red carpet ordeal that takes place at most awards shows. It is the usual banter about what someone is wearing and really just a grandiose time filler—until now.

I only hoped we might get a live feed of Gronk hobnobbing with the likes of George Clooney or Amy Adams. Hell, I want to see his interaction with Jennifer Lawrence.

The only thing that will be out of place is Gronk wearing a suit, because that would mandate he would not be topless—his preferred wardrobe.

In case you weren't keeping score during the current Gronk season, he started it all off by partying shirtless in Baton Rouge.

Then, he went to Las Vegas and dropped a near $10,000 bar tab at XS, a night that also featured him body slamming his buddy on stage.

Afterwards, he gave a heartfelt apology in the form of his hilarious "Sorry for Partying" tank top.

Of course, we know Gronk will be at the Oscars asking the usual questions one does when everyone around is looking and feeling fabulous.

We just hold out hope he does so with a bottle of domestic in one hand, a microphone in the other and no shirt on.

This is the season of Gronk, after all. 


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