WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Matches: Predictions for Overlooked PPV Bouts

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 16, 2013

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The Elimination Chamber card is stacked. It's headlined by The Rock defending the WWE Championship against CM Punk and features three more high-quality matches. All that hype is causing some matchups to get overlooked.

It's nothing new on the Road to WrestleMania. There are always going to be certain feuds that steal the spotlight. However, in order to have a memorable show, every match must play a role. So even the mid-card matches deserves some attention leading up to the pay-per-view.

With that in mind, let's examine the three battles that will fill out the Elimination Chamber card on Sunday night and make predictions for each. All told, it should be a terrific show before all eyes turn toward WrestleMania.


Tensai and Brodus Clay vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

The newly formed team of Tensai and Brodus Clay faceoff with the Rhodes Scholars. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes broke up weeks ago, but are being brought back together for the pre-show match, which will be shown on YouTube.

There are only two logical reasons to have Sandow and Rhodes team back up. Either it's the beginning of a feud that will see one of them turn face heading toward WrestleMania or there was literally no other way to fit them on the card in singles action.

Either way, Tensai and Clay should pick up the victory. It's still too soon to make any judgments about their outlook as a team, but they've had some entertaining moments already and they should get a chance at a minor push.

Prediction: Tensai and Brodus Clay


Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

In a rematch of their encounter at Royal Rumble, Cesaro will look to pick up another victory over The Miz and stretch his United States title reign within a couple weeks of 200 days. It would be the longest run with the mid-card belt since Miz three years ago.

Cesaro has done a tremendous job as champion. He wasn't a big name when he won the title back at SummerSlam, but he's established himself in the six months since. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him move into the main-event scene after the WrestleMania rush.

Unfortunately, this is the type of feud that gets pushed to the back burner during this portion of the WWE schedule. If Cesaro and Miz were given more time to hype the feud, it would be a much bigger deal. Instead, it's relegated to the second tier. Regardless, Cesaro retains.

Prediction: Antonio Cesaro


Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka

It's always tough to predict what will happen in Divas Championship matches because the storylines are virtually nonexistent. They are usually to fill voids, but aren't given more than a couple minutes during the weekly shows.

That said, the main motivation for putting a match between Kaitlyn and Snuka on the card is a title change. Since the other three title bouts are likely to fall in favor of the current champion, having Snuka win would allow for at least one new title holder.

Snuka has shown some promise in the limited television time she's received, but even if she does become the champion, it's hard to imagine the state of the Divas division changing any time soon. Their role will remain the same.

Prediction: Tamina Snuka