Poster Released for WWE Studios the Marine 3: Homefront

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 15, 2013

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This month's edition of WWE Magazine features the first official poster for The Marine 3: Homefront, WWE Studios' upcoming action sequel with Mike "The Miz" Mizanin.

411Mania's movie news section also included a lengthy synopsis for the film, due out on Blu ray and DVD on March 5. The film co-stars Justified's Neal McDonough and up-and-coming actress, Ashley Bell.

Sergeant Jake Carter of the Marine Corps' Special Forces unit (The Miz) is returning home to his small rural town after a dangerous covert mission in Central America. He's looking forward to spending quality time with his two sisters, dependable Amanda (Camille Sullivan) and young, rebellious Lilly (Bell). Jake's homecoming is short-lived when Lilly and her boyfriend are kidnapped and he's forced to put his military skills to the test to save them. Taken by Jonas Pope (McDonough), a former college professor turned extremist determined to unleash an elaborate terrorist attack on American soil, Carter will do whatever is necessary to save his sister and stop a madman before it's too late.

The Condemned's Scott Wiper directed the film, with Declan O'Brien (Sharktopus, Rock Monster) co-writing the script. An official trailer was released on the company's YouTube's channel last month. 

Miz's part in the movie may explain his newly found patriotism in his feud with Antonio Cesaro, with the star rushing to defend his homeland from the anti-American heel. Appropriately, the two are battling over the United States Championship. It's a pretty astute piece of marketing from WWE, actually.

The Marine 3: Homefront hasn't been without controversy, of course.

WWE famously cast Randy Orton as Carter originally, before the star's real life past with the USMC came back to haunt him. Orton later snagged the lead in 12 Rounds: Reloaded, another WWE Studios sequel, presumably as a replacement role.  

It's difficult to say whether The Marine 3: Homefront will be a success when it hits the stores in March. But certainly, the company is probably better off churning out fun little B action movies than straying off into more ambitious areas, like comedy or drama (Triple H's boring crime melodrama Inside Out is one example of this backfiring).