WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: The Shield Will Disband at Pay-Per-View

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIFebruary 16, 2013

The WWE has handled The Shield surprisingly well so far, but will all of that come crashing down at Elimination Chamber? Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
The WWE has handled The Shield surprisingly well so far, but will all of that come crashing down at Elimination Chamber? Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE is all about the spectacle and putting on a show. Fans in the WWE Universe have become accustomed to seeing storylines created and destroyed in a matter of minutes with surprises popping up along the way. 

WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this Sunday will be no different and the biggest surprise will come during the six-man tag match between The Shield and Ryback, Sheamus and John Cena. 

This match is one of the few on the card that is really up in the air. The Shield are the latest and greatest young faction to come into the WWE, so why would the WWE kill that momentum already? 

On the other hand, would Vince and the creative staff really want three of their biggest babyfaces looking weak in one fell swoop? 

As experts and fans continue to drum up different theories and outcomes, I'll toss my own into the ring (see what I did there?). 

Most people are predicting either a clean win by Team Babyface or a Shield win as a result of shenanigans involving Paul Heyman, Brad Maddox or even Brock Lesnar. 

While both cases are very possible and probable in today's predictable WWE, What about a...different idea? 

For example, picture this: The match is about 10 minutes in, both teams looking strong. Shield big man Roman Reigns is setting up for a spear on one of the babyfaces, we'll say Sheamus. Right as Reigns starts running, Ryback pushes Seth Rollins into the way, Reigns spears Rollins.

Ambrose was down and didn't see what happened, all he sees is Reigns over Rollins. Ambrose confronts Reigns, they get into a pushing match, Cena and Ryback interrupt by hitting both with a separate finisher, Team Babyface wins. 

On Raw next Monday, the Shield are arguing, something similar happens again and they continue to trust each other less and less. Finally, by Smackdown, the Shield starts fighting amongst themselves until they announce that they're disbanding in the coming weeks. 

While it may sound silly, let us not forget how the WWE handled The Nexus. One of the most promising factions in recent history showed up, raised heck and were torn down, almost single-handedly by Cena. This way The Shield wouldn't look weak individually. Their arguments in the next few shows would make each look strong in their own way. 

The disbanding would also allow Rollins to realize the whole thing was foolish and became the babyface that everyone was expecting him to be, Reigns can become a huge vigilante monster and Ambrose can start his solo career as a heel. 

Still sound ridiculous? 

Think about WrestleMania 29. Rumors are flying about who will fight who, Big Show and Ryback, Ziggler and Jericho, Del Rio and Swagger, Punk and Taker, Triple H and Lesnar and Rock and Cena. Where does the Shield fit in? They don't. Add in a few other matches for the midcard titles and there aren't many big names left to take on The Shield in another six-man match. 

Fill that spot with a triple threat between Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns, and the WWE would have a potential show-stealer with some of the youngest talent on the roster. A match pitting the three against each other would also give them all a chance to start their solo careers and even a feud between a couple of them, hopefully Ambrose and Rollins, considering their history. 

While The Shield disbanding may sound a little far-fetched, it would be a much better resolution than John Cena simply running through the whole group, like we saw with the Nexus. This way the members of The Shield could all look strong and WWE could even get a solid feud for a few weeks going into WrestleMania 29.

Before you dismiss the idea completely, keep in mind that anything can happen on the Road to WrestleMania and anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling and the WWE.