UFC on FUEL 7's Matt Riddle: London Calling, Feeling Bad for Che Mills

Michael StetsContributor IIIFebruary 16, 2013

Jul 21, 2012; Calgary, AB, CANADA; Matt Riddle celebrates defeating Chris Clements (not pictured) welterweight bout of UFC 149 at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Riddle didn’t have a great experience last time he went to England.  He lost to Nick Osipczak during UFC 105 via TKO in the third round, the first professional loss of his career. 

He recently explained that the loss was only part of the bad experience there.

“I remember it was awful.  It was one of the worst experiences ever,” Riddle said as a guest on Darce Side Radio.  “I got spit on, I got called horrible names.  I was never disrespected like that in my entire life, and I never thought a professional athlete would be disrespected like that, especially me. I’m a pretty nice guy.”

The chatty Riddle will be taking on the England native Che Mills.  This time he will be ready to embrace the hostile crowd at the Wembley Arena.

“This time I’m expecting to get spit on, I’m expecting to be pissed on.  I don’t care," Riddle said defiantly.  “You can do whatever you want to me.  I’m there to fight.”

Riddle admittedly stated he will be at risk of being knocked out by Mills' hand power, although he said his power shouldn’t be overlooked.

“My striking isn’t the prettiest and I hit really hard,” Riddle said.  “The bottom line is it’s like he might have better, more technical striking with great head movement but sometimes…I’ve seen Kevin Randelman knock out Mirko Cro Cop, so anything can happen.”

Riddle was very open, honest, forward and verbose with his answers during the interview, especially about testing positive for marijuana after UFC 149.

Riddle does hold a medicinal marijuana license in Nevada, and no one knew publicly until his test came back positive.  Public perception can be very critical with the reasoning behind failing a drug test.  Riddle said that at first he was embarrassed, but is now happy he can just be himself.

“People can think whatever they want to think," Riddle said.  “I’ll tell you this: You spend a week with me on my medication then spend a week with me off my medication and you see who you prefer having around.  I’m a very aggressive person, I’m really intense," he continued.   

“I got a short, I got a temper.  I fight in a cage for a living.  There’s a reason people like us are wired slightly different.  I found out that when I smoke marijuana I’m a super nice guy, I’m great to be around all of the time, not just some of the time, I’m not an a****le. I personally enjoy my life better."

Riddle then lamented on why he is happy about the truth being out in the public eye, and took a shot at Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the process.

“It’s a good thing it’s exposed now because I have a whole new fanbase, and it feels good to be myself, the fact that I can express myself this way and tell you that I think marijuana should be completely legalized and TRT should be banned from professional sports.  The only reason you have to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy is because you used steroids growing up, and your body doesn’t produce Testosterone anymore.  That’s the only reason.”

Continuing in his good nature, Riddle gave some reasons why he will have an advantage over Che Mills Saturday, and he closed with some emotions toward fighting his opponent in London.

“I feel bad for Che Mills because I’m there to redeem myself.  I got something to prove.  I need this, I want this, I’m gonna get it."