Zack Ryder's WWE Career Could End in 2013

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 16, 2013

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Zack Ryder is at it again.

Yes, the former United States champion has taken to Twitter to voice his frustrations, once again raising the question of just how much longer he will be in WWE.

It's one thing to complain privately, but taking your grievances to a very public forum, and potentially making the company look bad, is another matter entirely.    

Earlier today he wrote the following message to followers:

This is hardly the first time Ryder has complained on his account, with the star complaining about his lack of TV and PPV time numerous times before.  

While this is hardly the most professional behavior, it's easy to understand the star's frustration.

In 2011, with next to no help from the booking team, he managed to get over and become one the most popular acts in the company.

Thanks to his clever use of social media and wickedly funny show Z! True Long Island Story, Ryder was suddenly a somebody in WWE.

Alas, any momentum he gained was soon squandered through loss after loss and other awful-booking decisions.

Seriously, who thought the Eve storyline was a good idea?

So, despite a ton of effort and hard work on his part, Ryder has thus found his once-promising career in the doldrums in recent times, with little to no hope of recovery.

No wonder he's bitter. Who wouldn't be?

Ryder's postings on Twitter are, of course, the most obvious indication to fans that he will be done soon.

But there are other issues to factor in, beyond his online grumbles.   

Mainly the fact that Ryder, unlike most wrestlers, actually has a ton of attractive opportunities outside of wrestling.

After all, thanks to his social media skills he has impressively managed to garner over one million Twitter followers, despite his lowly position in WWE. 

Ryder is a young man who grasped very early on the importance of social networking. Arguably he "got it" far sooner than anyone in wrestling, even his employer, did.

With this in mind, it would be very easy to see some up-and-coming company hire him in a consultancy role in the area of social media marketing.

The well-made and well-produced Z! True Long Island also showcased Ryder's skills as a writer and director. He knows how to make a show that will gain an audience and entertain them. Certainly, filmmaking is one other area he could potentially find work in.

And let's not forget the recent success of his pop single "Hoeski". OK, the song and its accompanying video are absolutely awful, but "Hoeski" has done incredibly well in iTunes sales, as PWTorch noted. No doubt it's made Ryder a fair amount of cash.

At this point it's questionable whether he truly needs WWE to pay the bills. There really are a lot of other things he can do. He could easily decide, in 2013, that wrestling simply isn't worth the politics, frustration and hassle and move on to a line of work that will satisfy him.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed.

Sure, Ryder is doing well with his outside projects, but that's mainly due to his WWE exposure. If he didn't have that, would people still be rushing to buy his (cheesy) songs? Maybe not. 

Ryder could be aware of this too. He may decide he's better off sticking in WWE, even with his reduced role, if it gives him the platform to advertise his non-wrestling business ventures.

But, considering his complaints, as well as his potential opportunities outside of the company, it seems likely that his time in WWE is coming to an end. Why else would he be so quick to trash them in public?

If this is indeed the case, Ryder fans shouldn't be too sad. Frankly, someone as talented as he is can do a lot better.