Freshman Quarterback Chavas Rawlins Will Bring Excitement to WVU Spring Practice

Michael Walker@michaelwalkerwvAnalyst IIFebruary 17, 2013

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WVU coach Shannon Dawson is looking forward to spring practice and the coming season, especially with the addition of Chavas Rawlins. The offense will be the same, just with different players plugged in.

Kevin Kinder of interviewed Dawson about Rawlins, Dawson's switch to quarterbacks coach and the new coaching hires.

In the interview, Dawson stated that he and head coach Dana Holgorsen are very impressed with the players they have "on paper."

They feel like they will have several playmakers the quarterback can distribute the ball to in 2013  instead of only two.

Dawson is very happy to be back coaching the quarterbacks. He pointed out that he has a lot more experience coaching quarterbacks than receivers under Holgorsen.

Dawson said nothing in the interview to disparage the talents of current quarterbacks Paul Millard or Ford Childress. The interviewer confined his questions to Dawson's impression of Rawlins. 

When asked about Rawlins, Dawson said he is excited about the mobility Rawlins brings. Not that he would have more running plays, but for the ability to extend a play he brings. You can't sack him if you can't catch him.

Coach Dawson talked about how Rawlins can escape the rush to buy time for his receivers as well as tuck it and take off if needed. And take off he can.

Rawlins is certainly the best running QB since Pat White. Only faster. Remember all the times last year when Geno Smith should have tucked the ball and ran but he didn't? Rawlins will, with speed to kill. He's just a half step slower than Tavon Austin.

Former Mountaineer quarterback Pat White said on his Twitter feed that ''Something tells me it's going to be fun watching'' Rawlins.

WVU is not going to give Rawlins or any other player the starting position; it's up to them to take it. Spring practice should bring a battle for the starting quarterback position for the first time in years.

Dawson said when it came time to look for a new coach it took Holgorsen and him five minutes to decide on Galloway. Galloway knows the system, and they consider him an excellent coach.

Dawson said that Galloway took parts of Holgorsen's system to Wake Forest and had success with it, his point being that Galloway knew the system and how it works.

He emphasised that they are extremely happy with all three of the new hires.

Dawson said that all three of the new coaches were valuable additions and that they all had similar personalities to Holgorsen and him.


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