Arsenal Need to Start Backing Arsene Wenger to Ease Pressure

Hasmat MustunCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2013

LonelyShaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal look like they could finish an eighth season without a trophy after their 1-0 defeat to Blackburn in the fifth round of the FA cup.

With that, there are already many shouts calling for Arsene Wenger to be sacked at the club. However, losing a top manager will not ease any of Arsenal’s problems. Arsenal are a team that is barely a shadow of the Invincibles who went on an incredible 49-win unbeaten run in 2003/04 season.

This team lacks leadership, a winning mentality and ruthlessness.

The Gunners have showed glimpses of how good and terrifying they can be in attack, but they have been awful in defence. Steve Bould was brought in to fix the defensive problems, but he hasn’t. Thomas Vermaelen seems to be struggling and I don’t know if the role of being a captain is pressuring him and affecting his performances.

The main problem with Arsenal has been the way everything seems to work behind the scenes.

The board are constantly arguing about potential ownership of the club, players contracts are allowed to be run down to the last year, and not enough is being done to help secure top players at the club.

The transfer market is now the worst period for an Arsenal fan. The club will either not buy anyone or make drastic purchases to bring in players who are not good enough. This is where Wenger shows his managerial weakness. Arsene Wenger has brought in below-par players, and he needs more backing from a footballing brain.

When Arsenal were striving for titles and had amazing players coming into the club, David Dein had a huge role to play in securing those signings. Arsenal are missing Dein, and it is evident when you see the long list of players that the club were tracking. Dein would have most likely pushed for those players to be at the club today.

Arsenal need to start backing Wenger, not with statements but with hard, proven work during the transfer window and throughout the season to ease the pressure. Most importantly, everybody needs to work together to secure a title again.