Detroit Pistons Trade Rumors: Don't Expect Any Major Deals at Trade Deadline

Brett Kaplan@brettkaplanCorrespondent IIIFebruary 17, 2013

Don't expect any large trades after the Pistons acquired Calderon.
Don't expect any large trades after the Pistons acquired Calderon.Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the trade deadline approaching on Thursday, Feb. 21, don't expect the Detroit Pistons to make any major trades—according to Vince Ellis from the Detroit Free Press:

So with that established, two sources said this past week that the Pistons likely are done with major moves until the summer.

One source even said: "You have already had the main course. You aren't getting seconds."

The main course obviously was the Prince-Calderon deal.

But the source added: "You might get dessert."

Speculation and rumors have been building over the past few weeks since the Pistons acquired Jose Calderon on Jan. 30. 

Part of the speculation regarding the Pistons is due to all of the cap space the team will have available for this summer. Ellis mentioned that while cap space may be available, it doesn't mean that it's available this season:

First, with a payroll just over $68 million, the Pistons are well over the salary cap and close to the $70-million luxury-tax line. The Pistons aren't in position to take on additional salary without giving up salary.

While the Pistons might not make any big deals, Ellis' source did leave the door open for a smaller move. Just don't bank on the Pistons acquiring a player that can help them long-term. 

The Pistons should use the rest of the season to focus on answering some questions about their long-term future. Two questions will probably dominate talk radio and fan forums over the course of the rest of the season—the first being: Can Brandon Knight be an effective shooting guard playing next to Calderon? The Pistons' front office can then determine if Knight does have a future playing off-guard or whether they trade him to find a more natural shooting guard.

The second question is: Do Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond complement each other when they're on the court at the same time? Drummond is currently out with a back injury but when he returns, this question needs to be answered. Especially since both players look like they're going to be stars in the NBA for a long time. If they can play together, then that can make the Pistons a playoff contender.

Fans may be disappointed without a major trade in the coming days, but they should note that things could change quickly around the trade deadline. Either way, it will be fun to watch.