New WWE Championship Belt Will Bring Prestige Back to Wrestling's Top Title

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2013

The biggest title in WWE gets a new look. Courtesy of
The biggest title in WWE gets a new look. Courtesy of

After years of fan complaints about the ridiculous spinner belt that defined the John Cena era, The Rock finally unveiled a new WWE championship belt on Raw Monday night (h/t HITS Radio host Randy Cruz). 

The Rock unveils the new @wwe Championship Belt.…

— Randy Cruz (@cruzr83) February 19, 2013

While we can also get into the look and design of the new title, it is important to note that this could have major implications for the belt moving forward. As silly as it sounds, you need a title that at least looks like something everyone would fight over. 

We all know what being WWE champion signifies in this business. But when you have a hard time taking the championship seriously because it looks like a diamond-encrusted jewel that a clown would refuse to be seen with, fans aren't going to be invested. 

Of course, the look and design of the championship aren't the greatest factors that determine how well a title match draws. People need to feel like they are seeing something special when that championship is on the line. 

Would you honestly be able to sit back and care about two grown men fighting over something that did this?

The purpose of that championship was to give Cena his own identity, like the company did with Steve Austin, who had the smoking-skull belt when he was on top of his game. 

But it came off as a cheap-looking gimmick that just made the belt more ludicrous. As the years went by, and the cries for changing the look grew louder, the championship actually lost all its allure because WWE kept putting it on someone new every pay-per-view just to draw ratings on Raw. 

Now, with this new title, WWE is basically trying to start anew heading into WrestleMania when The Rock defends it against (presumably) John Cena. It makes sense that now would be the time for WWE to make the change. 

WrestleMania is when all of the storylines built throughout the year converge. The new WWE year really starts at the company's biggest event. You want to make everything feel fresh right after the show is over. 

A new championship makes it clear that the tide is changing in WWE. It has taken a lot longer than a lot of fans would have liked to see, but it is better late than never. 

As for the look of the new championship, honestly, it doesn't look much better than the spinner. The WWE scratch logo in the center is too over the top. I get that that Vince McMahon wants you to know it is a WWE title. But does it really have to be something you could see from outer space?

I do like the side plate that features the Brahma Bull. It will be something that will change as new champions are crowned, which is a nice touch to make it feel like it really belongs to the person holding it. 

The best titles in WWE history were the ones that didn't have to be so out there they took your attention away from the person holding it. The eagle belt is the best in the history of the company because it was so simple and easy. 

Today's world doesn't necessarily want to see easy, so I guess WWE is catering to the audience. It could have found a better way to do it, though.