Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns Could Be the Next Great WWE Rivalry

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 20, 2013

At some point, the members of The Shield will need to stop holding hands and try their lot at singles competition. 

That is where the fun might really begin. It is true that, as a unit, there may not be a better composite of wrestlers who function well together since DX and The Four Horsemen, but as singles stars, they could be even better. 

Roman Reigns could actually be the best of the lot, and based on what we saw at Elimination Chamber and on Monday Night Raw, a feud with Sheamus would certainly be a highlight of the 2013 wrestling year. There may not be a title on the line, but the intensity these two wrestlers show when they are in the ring together is as good as we could hope to see this year.

Yes, I said that.

We know about Sheamus and his power and raw ability and the fact he is a huge fan favorite. We also know Reigns is a little unknown as a viable wrestling opponent. But in terms of potential, is there another wrestler right now who could prove to be better? Maybe Bo Dallas. Maybe Big E Langston. But in terms of someone who could be the type of heavyweight Vince McMahon loves, Reigns definitely fits the mold.

The WWE will eventually lose the likes of Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry. Chris Jericho is not getting any younger. Younger stars like Cody Rhodes and Brodus Clay haven't gotten better. The three most likely to succeed are Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. 

The company would be crazy not to try this. In the end, the simple addition of singles competition could pay off in spades, if it is done correctly. We would have the best of both worlds with The Shield remaining the beast that it is while allowing the sum of its parts to venture into the ring alone.

In the end, it could be the best move the WWE could make. And putting Reigns in the ring with Sheamus could be one of the best feuds we will see this year.