2013 NCAA Tournament: Does Crazy Regular Season Guarantee an Epic NCAA Tourney?

Brittany JohnsonContributor IIIFebruary 20, 2013

Missouri Tigers pull off an upset against No. 5 Florida Gators.
Missouri Tigers pull off an upset against No. 5 Florida Gators.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

To say this season has been a crazy one is an understatement. The inconsistency of the Top 25 provides plenty of entertainment. The events make this season a memorable one.

And this is only a glimpse of the Big Dance. If you think it's crazy now, wait until March.

No one likes a boring and predictable Tournament. An obvious championship contender takes the mystery away from the NCAA Tournament. This season has provided the perfect opportunity for a Cinderella team to emerge. There is something to look forward to.

The never-ending shuffle of the Top 10 has been the driving force this season. Whether Duke, Indiana, Florida or Syracuse, no team is safe. They may sit at the top one night and be knocked off the next.

Most recently, No. 5 Florida Gators fell to the Missouri Tigers. What was to be an easy win for the Gators ended up being an upset.

Duke, who was No. 1 in two of their three losses, has shown inconsistencies this season.

The majority of the Top 10 has had their weaknesses exposed.

Making predictions this season is pointless. It will get us nowhere. You can't be sure an elite team will win.

This has been the trend since the start of the season. The No. 1 spot has been a curse in and of itself. Not many teams can hold on too long. Surprisingly, many of the losses have been dealt by unranked teams.  

You can't make this up.

Speaking of unranked teams, they are the ones stirring up trouble across the conferences. Teams on the bubble have every chance to dethrone the top teams. With no strong contender this season, the Tournament will be dicey—a perfect setting for the Cinderellas.

Kentucky, the defending National Champions, have fallen from grace in epic fashion. The SEC is not a strong conference this season, but Kentucky is still struggling. Unranked, the Wildcats began the preseason at No. 3. The team is young, but who guessed they would be this bad?

Not me. But it's why this season is so exciting. You can't hold onto preconceived notions about a team. All of those go out the window. You're forced to constantly watch the Top 25 to see who will survive.

This anticipation is guaranteed to transcend into March Madness.

Unlike last season, no sure champion exists. This season has been evidence of that. A thrilling hunt for the coveted title is bound to ensue.

And that, folks, will make for an epic Tournament.

What better feeling than to destroy your bracket after only a couple games? Isn't that what makes college basketball great? A bracket may be useless this season due to the unpredictable nature of the game.

Just imagine mixing in teams who keep the top seeds on their toes. The top five has shown that rankings aren't telling of a team's capabilities. Throw in a team who can match them, and you're in for a huge game.

In March, there will be teams from different conferences. While seeds may give insight to a team, it doesn't necessarily count them out or secure them in.

The No. 1 seed may look good on paper, but becomes a different team on the court. This erratic nature being shown in the regular season makes the Big Dance more appealing.

Nothing is certain. No team is invincible. Expect the unexpected when March Madness begins.