WWE: Tea Party Advocate Alex Jones Blasts WWE, Zeb Coulter

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIFebruary 19, 2013

Vince McMahon has been clamoring for mainstream media attention, which has caused them bring in the Rock and give him the WWE Title in order to attend press junkets with the gold strap over his shoulder.

Well, it looks like they pulled an unexpected piece of mainstream attention. That is, from conservative talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has attacked the WWE for creating the Zeb Coulter character.

Read the full rant on Alex Jones website InfoWars.

"This is part of the divide and conquer tactic of cultural subversion to manufacture racial division and to characterize the Tea Party, conservatives, libertarians, opponents of uncontrolled illegal immigration, and constitutionalists as racist, extremist radicals who should be pushed to the fringes of the political discourse. Now the demonization runs so deep that it's even being bolstered by WWE wrestling. The fact that WWE is owned by Vince and Linda McMahon, who are part of the Republican establishment, also tells us a lot about how grass roots conservatives and libertarians are viewed by those near the top of the power structure."

Jack Swagger is set to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

The Zeb Coulter character was created to add depth to Jack Swagger's floundering character. When Swagger disappeared a few months ago, walking out of the building after spending months as a jobber to those he once dominated in the midcard, he returned without much difference to his character. Now, within two weeks of Zeb Coulter's debut, Swagger has a prominent spot on the biggest show of the year.

While Coulter hasn't specifically attacked Alberto Del Rio or any other Hispanic wrestlers by name, he has made repeated references to Mexican-Americans and undocumented Mexican immigrants in each of his promos. Over the next seven weeks we'll see how far the WWE is willing to push the envelope, referencing the political unrest related to immigration in the United States. We'll also see if it is enough to push Jack Swagger permanently into the main-event scene or if this is a short-term solution to rally support of Alberto Del Rio as he continues to transition into a main-event-caliber face draw.