WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results: Jack Swagger Victory a Mistake for Company

Mike MoraitisAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2013

Courtesy of WWE.com
Courtesy of WWE.com

Jack Swagger emerged victorious in the Elimination Chamber match at last Sunday's pay-per-view event. That win has earned him a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania against Alberto Del Rio.

Depending on who is the champion going into WrestleMania, this could've been either a good or bad move for the WWE.

Had Del Rio lost his title to Big Show, then a guy like Swagger would have been perfect for a title shot. It would have pitted a new-age superstar against an older one and that's the kind of passing of the torch match that the WWE could benefit from.

Considering Del Rio actually won and retained his belt, it would have been a wiser idea to go with a veteran star to win the Elimination Chamber.

The WWE had plenty to choose from and could have gone with either Kane, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry or Randy Orton. All of these wrestlers have been in countless huge matches and have each headlined major pay-per-views in the past.

Their respective presences alone would have generated a huge buzz as April approaches.

There are few better storylines than young versus old, especially at such a huge event like WrestleMania.

It allows for a younger star like Del Rio to cement himself as one of the best in the WWE with a huge victory over a seasoned veteran like one of the candidates mentioned above.

Del Rio has been receiving a huge push from the company over the past year with the Big Show being the victim.

And while I can see the direction that the WWE is going in with this match with two young wrestlers—a current champion versus a former one—it would serve Del Rio much better to beat a future Hall of Fame opponent instead.

A win over Swagger will still be somewhat significant in the grand scheme of things, but a match between two equals in experience can happen at any pay-per-view during the year and that's why this match loses a lot of luster.

Aside from that, neither of these names are a headline-grabbing superstar in the WWE and that could lead to this match becoming a bit irrelevant unless both Swagger and Del Rio can put on a performance for the ages.

WrestleMania should be for more of the special showdowns the WWE can offer, and there would have been no better way to give Del Rio an even bigger push than to have him be passed the torch from one of the bigger stars in WWE history as he continues to rise to the top of the company.