The WWE Divas Division Will Miss Eve Torres

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 20, 2013

Photo credit: WWE
Photo credit: WWE

Eve Torres' portrayal of a snooty, pageant-queen-like champion was one of the best things to happen to the WWE Divas division in recent memory and her absence hurts a division already lacking in depth.

The former Divas champ quit WWE after her loss to Kaitlyn on Raw's 20th anniversary.

She left behind a division losing more talent than it acquires. It's not that the division is devoid of talent, but there isn't enough to keep losing women like Eve and survive.

It wasn't as if Eve could single-handedly save the division, but not having her around is akin to an NFL team losing its best defensive back to free agency. Sure the team can play on, but the overall talent level sinks.


Lacking in Treachery

Eve was the Divas' best villain.

Whether she was posing for a picture atop her fallen opponent or stretching out a fake smile, Eve's exuberant arrogance was fun to watch. She cheated, begged foes off and pulled out all the irritating tactics that make heels who they are.

In this clip of her badmouthing Mae Young, Eve shows off her brilliance at being grating. If she weren't so darned pretty, you'd want to punch her in her face.

It's these ever-improving acting skills that make her a commodity beyond the world of WWE. With her schedule far less grueling, Eve should have plenty of time to appear on TV shows.

Without Eve, WWE is left with Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee as convincing heels.

If Kaitlyn remains Divas champ for the foreseeable future, she doesn't have a whole lot of options for opponents. Cameron, Naomi, Layla, Natalya and Alicia Fox are all faces. WWE could turn one of them to the dark side, but none of them would be as engrossing an adversary as Eve.

Natalya is easily the best in-ring performer, but seems to be better as a gutsy hero rather than a heel. More accurately, she does better when asked to do anything other than make fart jokes or pal around with Great Khali.

Eve's replacement might be in NXT, though.

Paige is a convincing badass, a brawler with a mean streak who could take on WWE's heroines.


The Diminution of Depth

WWE's male portion of the roster has so many big names, so many talented dudes that an injury or an exit just doesn't hurt as much as it does with the women.

Not long ago, it seemed the Diva division was on an upswing. WWE had Kharma and Beth Phoenix on the roster. AJ was thriving as the center of the Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk rivalry. Layla had returned.

Then it was as if the most talented women were hearing a Pied Piper's flute and they began to leave, one by one.

WWE released Kharma last July. Beth Phoenix was not far behind her. She decided not to renew her WWE contract and instead left the company in October.  

For Eve to follow those women out the exit doors means there is one less gifted option for WWE to work with.

Cameron and Naomi need someone to team up against. Kaitlyn needs more challengers grabbing at her title.

One doesn't have to be a defeatist about the Divas division, though. While the women will continually be in an uphill struggle to get air time and storylines thrown their way, there will never be a shortage of talented women wrestlers.

WWE just has to start signing them or calling them up.

Losing talented women like Eve is certainly a problem, but it’s compounded when no attempt is made to replace them. WWE has an Eve-sized hole in the division, a hole that needs to be filled.