Mike Milbury Video: Watch NHL Analyst Compare Penguins' Stars to Crack Addicts

Ethan GrantAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2013

NBC Sports Network announcer Mike Milbury is no stranger to saying comments that wind up making the rounds as controversial.

On Wednesday night, he might have even outdone himself.

That's what happens when you call Pittsburgh Penguins stars Evgeny Malkin and Sidney Crosby "crack addicts" on live TV. During intermission analysis, Milbury was asked about the pair's penchant for escaping the back line and pushing for goals on the fast break.

Milbury was describing how both Penguins like to go coast-to-coast in pursuit of goals, but went over the line in his description of how deeply their desire is to score goals.

Of course, it's not the first time that Milbury has been in the news for saying something that raises eyebrows.

He's called the Sedin brothers "Thelma and Louise" (courtesy of NESN), referred to the Washington Capitals as the "Crapitals" from time to time and referring to the Russian national hockey team as playing a "Eurotrash" game (courtesy of Yahoo! Sports).

Milbury continues to open his mouth—and we continue to be amazed by the analogies that come out of it.