WWE's Jack Swagger Arrested: Another Overnight Success Story Gets Derailed

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Jack Swagger was arrested on Tuesday night following a SmackDown taping in a news story that could potentially impact the only announced match for WrestleMania (PWTorch.com). 

Of course it came to this. 

The tumultuous history of pro wrestling—namely the WWE—is spoiled with stories of overnight success going back to sleep. 

Jack Swagger was gifted the sweetest gig in professional wrestling.  He was to stand intimidatingly in the background while Zeb Colter cut biting promos that were impossible to ignore.

Swagger won the matches. Colter made them matter. 

However, after getting cited for speeding, driving under the influence and possession of marijuana, Jack Swagger now has a brighter future as an Internet meme than he does as a perennial main eventer.

The most congruent victim of such a sudden fall from grace was Rob Van Dam. In 2006, Van Dam won the WWE championship from John Cena in his backyard of ECW.

Few office blessings have been more definitive than RVD proudly wearing the hardware of one-and-a-half wrestling promotions on WWE programming. 

However, shortly after his joint title win, RVD was charged with possession of marijuana after being cited for speeding. He was booked to lose both titles in the same week and subsequently suspended.

This is grim news for Swagger backers as RVD was only a fraction of the offender that Jack Swagger is—even with speeding and possession. 

A similar fate was suffered by AW, who seemed to be picking up steam as a charismatic mouthpiece for the Prime Time Players. That is, until he coupled a rape joke with a Tweet about Linda McMahon. 

William Regal was riding the biggest push of his career in 2008 as WWE King of the Ring and "ruler" of Raw until he was popped for using a banned substance. 

That same year, Jeff Hardy was one of the hottest babyfaces in years. Coming off a WWE championship match against Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, Hardy was a shoo-in to win WWE's Money in the Bank at WrestleMania XXIV.

Unfortunately, Hardy's push was derailed when a wellness violation kept him out of the pay-per-view entirely. 

Dark clouds have a habit of forming around instances of lightning in a bottle in the WWE, but misfortunes suffered by thriving talents are largely avoidable. With that being said, the WWE's punishment of said talents—which often compromise careers—are usually justifiable.  

Clearly these dark clouds know something we don't.