Safin's Sister is the New No. 1

Miss AnnieAnalyst IApril 10, 2009

It’s been a long time coming. 


Since she got the 2008 Beijing Olympics Silver Medal in Women’s Tennis, Dinara Safina has been a in the spotlight. But that’s actually not very fair. 


Dinara has been working her butt off the entire 2008 up to now. She has been in contention for a while; the spotlight just never quite to shined on her.


Perhaps it is because of her older brother’s brighter shine (and perhaps personality) that kept her under the radar. 


She never had the media’s focus as what the likes of Maria Sharapova or Ana Ivanovic had. But maybe it helped, too. 


While she was hidden behind her brother’s shadow, she worked with a laser like focus.  She lost weight, she muscled up, she has never been more fit, and her skills have greatly improved. All that work is paying off. 


So she hasn’t won a grand slam. That will come. But Dinara Safin is the new numero uno, and it’s all because of her hard work.


I hope she hold this spot for a while. Maybe rub it in to her brother.