"The Price Is Right" Is Better with Charles Barkley Wagering on Kenny Smith Card

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 21, 2013

Charles Barkley was on "The Price is Right," and it was pretty much as amazing as it sounds. 

The round mound of hilarity features in this clip spotted by That NBA Lottery Pick. Apparently, the NBA legend turned TNT basketball analyst was on the show to win the fans some gifts. 

Before an actual show was taped, Barkley went out and tried his best to give a correct answer that would garner one audience member some money. As you see, each product offered had something to do with Barkley, leading to some chuckles from the Chuckster. 

It starts off with a DVD copy of "Look Who's Talking Too," perhaps Kirstie Alley's finest work. Apparently Barkley was in the movie, which I don't recall. It makes sense, because I possibly wiped it from my memory. 

Barkley then has to bid on his Weight Watchers outfit before guessing how much an old Kenny Smith basketball card is worth. 

He wagers one whole dollar. 

While he misses on the price of the Escalade, Barkley is pretty locked into the price of things, guessing 3-out-of-5 products correctly. 

And really, the DVD was well overpriced. 

I think we can all be adults and say "The Price is Right" just isn't the same sans Bob Barker. The Plinko isn't as scintillating and the Showcase Showdown not as sweet. 

However, everything is just better with Charles Barkley around. 


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